Victoria Daineko worries about make-up

Victoria Daineko acted as a model at one of the capital's shows. The singer admitted that she was very upset by the quality of the work of stylists for hair and makeup artists of the show.
Victoria Dayneko
Victoria Daineko was upset about her hair and makeup.
Photo: Victoria Daineko's Twitter

Victoria Daineko was not satisfied with her hair and makeup. “Nothing spoils the mood of a girl like bad makeup and hairstyle. Rather, wash, "- wrote the singer in" Twitter. " Victoria Daineko was so grieved that even at night and the next day she couldn’t forget the unpleasant incident: “Yesterday I was so impressed with the unsuccessful make-up that I dreamed in a dream that they painted me again there forcibly, and I beg you not to do it.” Interestingly, the fans thought that the hair and makeup is quite in the style of the singer and very much to the face. Laying and makeup in the style of Hollywood chic did not spoil the appearance of Victoria Daineko, especially since the star itself often appears in this image.

Recently, beauty failures have often happened with Victoria Daineko.

Date: 10.10.2018, 16:17 / Views: 92255

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