Vase from the jar on March 8 with your own hands

The theme of our today's master class is "Vase from the can with your own hands on March 8". Of course, it will not be a brilliant and elegant crystal vase, but it will be a touching, cheerful, colorful jar adorned with love by children's handles. We will draw flowers on our little vase jar.

We will make two different vases, the manufacturing techniques of which will be slightly different.

Vase from a can on March 8 with your own hands

Vase from a jar on March 8 do-it-yourself

Decorating glass jars does not require a lot of expenses. You will need:

  • Glass jar
  • Acrylic paints
  • Wine corks (for large colors)
  • Pencils with rubber bands ( for little flowers)
  • Thin brush (for stems)

For coloring the first jar, use the cork from wine. In a special container (palette, bowl) squeeze out a little paint. We dip the cork in the paint and set the die closer to the center of the jar.After him we apply the next stamp of a different color and so on in a circle.

 Stamps with stoppers

Stamps with cork

The technique of stamping with unusual objects is very popular with children. The process of making crafts becomes more vivid and emotionally colored.

Now take a thin brush and green paint to draw the stem and leaf of the future flower.

Draw a stem and leaves

Draw a stem and leaves

You can decorate the jar a little differently. We will be applying flowers using a round small rubber band, which is often fixed on the back of the pencil.

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