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The old chair broke - are you going to throw it out? Boots holed - and there too? Stop! Do not rush. In our section “Useful Tips” you will learn how to extend the life of old things with your own hands, without workshops. Some of them in an updated form will also become a source of pride for their owners.

With the help ofuseful tipscollected especially for you, you can make repairs in the apartment or in the country, saving the family budget and valuable time as much as possible. Repair clothes at home, get rid of the fungus in the room, properly defrost the refrigerator - we want to share these and other tricks with you.

The secrets of our grandmothers and the original "notions" of contemporaries will help to make a stylish little thing out of old scraps of fabric that you will not be ashamed to present as a gift. And it’s not at all necessary to buy educational toys in the store: made by hand, they will preserve positive energy and will be much more carefully kept by children.

Very useful and free tips for people of any age will help avoid annoying mistakes, keep a good mood and give impetus to further creative ideas. You can also share them with us. It's not for nothing that people say about two heads that are always better than one.


6 ways to prevent nut unscrewing

6 ways to prevent unscrewing of the nut

Threaded connections are quite reliable and effective. They are considered one of the most common and cost-effective. However, under the influence of vibration, there is a possibility of their weakening. This can often be seen in the example of nuts, arbitrarily
15 useful life hacks with WD-40

15 useful life hacks with WD-40

The VD-40 tool was developed to protect parts from corrosion. It showed itself perfectly in all applications. At the same time, its manufacturers hide the composition of the manufacture, even giving up the patent.This does not prevent many craftsmen from
Repair the broken tongue of the connector

Repair broken connector lug

The plastic connector for connecting the Internet cable is a very fragile thing. Especially often when the cable is regularly connected to various devices, the locking tab of the connector breaks. Such a breakdown leads to the fact that the plug connection is not
Self-made extractor for screwing out a broken screw
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Independent production of an extractor for twisting a broken screw

If you had to twist the small screws into hardwood, then most likely you have already encountered their breakage at the most inopportune moment. As a result (for example, when installing a piano loop), there is a double problem:
Unusual use of WD-40 134 46

Unusual WD-40 Usage

WD-40 is a solvent with the addition of mineral oil. The product has a low viscosity, which allows it to be used as an aerosol and penetrate into any, even the smallest holes, cavities or cracks. Popularity WD-40
How to eliminate gaps between chimney and slate
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How to eliminate gaps between the chimney and slate

Surely, many homeowners with stove heating are faced with such a problem as rainwater leakage through the outer walls of a brick chimney, through the roof and attic, to the ceiling of the house. Especially with heavy rain. How tightly do not fit the sheets
Reliable adhesive for slate with your own hands

Durable DIY Slate Adhesive

Slate - the material for covering the roofs is quite good and practical. And relatively inexpensive, in comparison with other, more modern and stylish coatings. But he has one good minus; it is painfully fragile. Especially after some
Cleaning sewer drainage with soda and vinegar
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Cleaning sewage drains with soda and vinegar

Drain in sinks and bathrooms clogged, even with careful operation. Garbage accumulates gradually, starting with the usual plaque and ending with lumps. At the same time the rate of diversion of water increases significantly. If you do not take urgent measures, then
Quick way to install pillars
545 788

A quick way to install pillars

It is quite possible to save time and effort in installing wooden poles by resorting to this simple and simple technique. So, immediately to the point, what is the trick. The usual, classic method involves digging a well, installing
Three ways to remove the rivet
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Three ways to remove the rivet

Many industrial products use rivets as a way to securely and quickly fasten a knot, which will not be disassembled in the future. Often rivets are joined by thin sheet metals.If you need to remove the riveting and not
Marble floor from concrete in the garage with your own hands
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Marble concrete floor in the garage with your own hands

The owner of a garage with concrete pavement is familiar with one tricky nuance of auditing or cleaning garage space. This is an unpleasant moment. Few people want to talk about it. This is a concrete field. More precisely, about its properties. No matter how you sweep dirt from it and
How to eliminate beating of the cartridge in the screwdriver
30 353

How to eliminate chuck beating in a screwdriver

Sometimes there is the problem of the beating of the cartridge in the screwdriver or drill. The instrument was presented or it was purchased a long time ago, the defect was not noticed in time, there is no check and there is no way to make a claim. And it's very difficult or impossible to work with such a screwdriver. I
How to quickly make a self-locking nut
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How to make a self-locking nut quickly

A self-locking nut is a very useful thing, especially when you need to fix a node or an aggregate that is subjected to dynamic loads. A simple connection under the influence of vibration will quickly weaken and begin to unscrew, which is fraught with
How to unscrew the socket of the broken lamp from the cartridge

How to unscrew from the cartridge the base of the broken lamp

Sometimes it happens such a nuisance, like beating a light bulb. For many people, it is a real headache to remove the cap from the cartridge.
How to solder aluminum
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How to solder aluminum

Aluminum is a very attractive metal for the construction of its own homemade designs: light, perfectly processed, drilled, sawed, rusted, etc. But here's the ill luck: to weld two pieces of aluminum without special argon welding
How to remove a magnet without breaking it

How to remove a magnet without breaking it

I will try to remove the magnet from the speaker. Speaker diameter 350 mm, released in 1980 in Novosibirsk. The magnet must be powerful enough. I need magnets to place a small instrument on it. The magnet is attached to the wall and the tool will always be
Treatment of broken pixels
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Treat Dead Pixels

You bought a monitor, a TV or a laptop and one or more broken pixels appeared on the screen, then until the warranty expired you can try to contact the service center to repair your device. If the time has already passed since the purchase,
Care and sharpening knives for a clipper

Care and sharpening of a clipper knives

Despite the large and diverse number of titles and models, hair clippers, for the most part, have the same basic parts and details. They (machines) can differ in shape, color, weight, but the working part of all is collected and
Unusual use of plastic bottles in the country
161 383

Unusual use of plastic bottles in the country

Plastic bottles in the eyes of the zealous owner are invaluable material that can be used endlessly in the garden or in the country. They will save the family budget and give the site aesthetic appeal. Enough to attach
How to remove the clog in the sink at home?

How to eliminate blockage in the sink at home?

Each of us, at least once in life, and even faced with the problem of clogging in the sewer. Untimely preventive measures and human inattention lead to unpleasant consequences, which can be eliminated
Charcoal with your own hands

Do-It-Yourself Charcoal

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today we will talk about making charcoal with minimum costs. You will need: firewood, a small piece of land, a shovel, a metal cover with a diameter of about 50 cm.
How to remove a greasy stain from clothes during a sea holiday

How to remove a greasy stain from clothes while relaxing at sea

Houses help not only the walls, but also a washing machine, soap, brushes, sponges, powders, chemical degreasers. However, sometimes clothes troubles happen when a person is separated from usual household goods for many kilometers. For example, being on
How to duplicate a key in 15 minutes
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How to make a duplicate key in 15 minutes

Sometimes it is simply catastrophically necessary to make a spare key just in case of fire. A copy of the original just do not work out, for this you need specialized equipment. But what if you need a copy for a one-time
Super strong bond per second
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Super strong bond per second

It's no secret that second-time glue + soda is a reliable and durable bond to surfaces. No matter what, not even even. Plastics + iron, plastics + glass, iron + glass ... You can continue indefinitely!

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