Useful properties of honey honey

Perhaps, the name “honey of honey” is unfamiliar to you, because we are used to call the honey plant, from which you receive a valuable delicacy, not waking off, but iwan tea. By the way, this plant, which is abundantly found throughout our country, is considered one of the most useful adaptogenic cultures.

Folk healers have long appreciated the healing properties of fireweed and realized its need for humans, using the plant to prepare the decoction, which is popularly referred to as “tea from a hundred ailments”, various tonic compounds, immune enhancing fees and general strengthening means to enhance the body’s resistance, and Of course, honey.

Introduction to the plant

Ivan tea, or willow herb, is easily recognizable by the beautiful bright flowers, gathered in the apical inflorescences, from ten centimeters to forty-five in length, and the leaves, dark green below and gray-green above. It can be found along field roads in the region of Altai, Siberia and many other regions of the country.

Culture has long been known as an excellent honey plant, not inferior in prevalence to rapeseed, safflower, sunflower and other popular melliferous plants. How to extract honey from fireweed? Of course, with the help of workers, bees who collect nectar for “flower honey”, which we then buy, sometimes without even knowing that it is from ivan-tea.

Treats and medicine

So, you can find other product names - “taiga honey” or “flower honey”, but from the outside it cannot be confused with anything. Brewing honey is different from ordinary bee products in color, aroma and taste. It has the appearance of a mass resembling a cream of a pale yellow or even a greenish hue in consistency, prone to rapid crystallization.

The appearance of honey offered by market vendors may raise doubts among buyers about its naturalness and quality, but one has only to feel its unsurpassed aroma and appreciate its taste, as all doubts disappear instantly.

Honey from Ivan-tea is a natural medicine used in the therapy by our ancestors, with a pronounced floral aroma and excellent taste.

What does the product consist of?

  • The result of the labor of striped workers has a magnificent composition, in which there is a place:
  • vitamins and amino acids;
  • minerals and carbohydrates;
  • enzymes and other beneficial substances that provide honey honey with excellent healing properties.

The use of the product in the treatment of various diseases is based on the following effect of the product on the human body:

  • antibacterial and anti-inflammatory;
  • sedative and analgesic;
  • enveloping and wound healing;
  • antioxidant.

Due to different minerals from the composition of the beekeeping product, it is recommended to eat in such categories of persons as:

  • children and the elderly;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers.

Medicinal qualities

Based on the composition and useful properties of the plant itself, products based on it, derivatives in the form of honey, the expediency of its use in the therapy of the following types of diseases is recognized:

  1. SARS and flu. Honey is useful for improving overall health and reducing pain in the throat.
  2. Stress and nervous disorders, because sleep is normalized, the nervous state of the patient is stabilized.
  3. Gastritis and the effects of acidity,with the application of anti-inflammatory properties of the product, the ability to envelop the problem area and to stop pain.
  4. Gastric ulcers, due to the ease of assimilation of honey, as a useful element of the diet.
  5. Diseases of blood, anemia and other diseases associated with hematopoiesis, for the normalization of the process.
  6. Headaches of different nature and cramps, to relieve unpleasant symptoms.
  7. Prostate diseases. By the way, honey from Ivan-tea is considered very useful for men.
  8. Traditional medicine recommends that young moms take breastfeeding honey while breastfeeding a baby.

Precautionary measures

Useful qualities of floral delicacy are diverse and attractive, but do not forget that almost every product, despite its naturalness and high value, may have contraindications. Therefore, honey should be carefully introduced into the diet, or be excluded from it completely to persons who:

high blood pressure, because in combination with a part of medicinal herbs, it helps to raise pressure;

  • obesity, as its composition is replete with a large number of easily digestible carbohydrates, leading to additional weight gain with excessive use of honey;
  • diabetes, due to the content in the sweetness of a small amount of sucrose, which leads to an increase in blood sugar levels, which requires the coordination of the menu with your doctor;
  • individual intolerance, provoking allergic reactions, accompanied by symptoms such as cough, rhinitis, skin rashes, and other manifestations.

To children, up to three years of age, honeydew honey should not be given because of its high allergenicity.

Choosing a quality product

What is the difference between fake and natural honey honey? It is so important to buy a real product that will benefit the health and enjoyment of taste buds. General advice on the selection of beekeeping products is indispensable here.

We have already noted that this type of sweet medicine is special, the main signs of natural honey of other varieties are not inherent in it - amber color, the ability to drain a thin stream from a spoon, besides, it quickly candies. We check the house at the following way:

  • it is necessary to mix in equal parts the product with distilled water;
  • in a small part of the mixture drop two drops of ammonia;
  • in case of precipitation or color change to brown and dirty, it can be concluded that the quality of the purchased goods is not good;
  • The presence of starch is indicated by the appearance of a blue spot when the chemical pencil touches a drop of honey.

Bring the purchase back to the careless seller!

Ways to use

The use of white honey of honey is varied, because it perfectly shows its qualities, both in medicine and in cosmetology. The use of this variety in the treatment of diseases is described above. We will supplement it with a popular recipe for treating angina:

A decoction of equal parts of herbs (plantain, medunitsa, sage) and half of the wormwood is prepared, where you will need a cup of boiling water for a tablespoon of the herbal mixture for two hours, followed by the addition of two tablespoons of honey.

Broth take half a glass before eating.

The use of honey in cosmetology has a long history. It was widely used by our ancestors as a skin care product. For example, we received information about the tradition of rubbing with substance during bath procedures. Modern cosmetology has not disregarded not only honey itself, but also royal jelly. Values ​​such qualities as ability:

  • soften and moisturize;
  • rejuvenate and tighten the skin;
  • slow down the aging process;
  • give the skin velvety and silky;
  • smooth wrinkles and clean pores;
  • improve the nutrition of the skin.

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