Useful invention: how to correctly measure for yourself

Even female college students work in pairs to take measurements of each other. But what if you wanted to clarify your own parameters, and there is no one to help in this matter. Not everyone who surrounds a seamstress has the necessary knowledge and dexterity. Try using this technique to be independent of anyone.

Prepare for measurements

Put on the correct underwear, best of all similar to that which you will carry with a concrete thing. The most convenient way to measure the figure in tight bodysuit and pantyhose or leggings. So on the clothes will not be extra folds, and protruding points will be easier to identify. Tie a drawstring waist. Waist will not necessarily be the thinnest place of the body, as there are different types of shapes. Determine its line by bending the arm at the elbow. It is parallel to your bent hand that you should have a lace. Take measurements on the right side of the body, it is usually larger than the left.


It is customary to divide all measurements in a cut in half, since one part of the product is cut out, and the second is constructed symmetrically to it. Wrap the centimeter tape so that it runs back along the shoulder blades and in front along the protruding points of the chest. Try to stand straight. After the tape is at the desired mark, fix it with your finger, and only then see the result. If you look at the tape during the measurement, it may shift. In this case, the result will be inaccurate. Record the data, dividing it in half. If you are afraid to make a mistake, wrap a gum around your chest and look at it.

Waist girth

Measure the circumference of the tied lace, and divide the value in half.

Half hip

This measure is measured by the most prominent points of the hips. But in different figures there may be different sizes of the circumference in the hips, abdomen and buttocks. Try to gently move the closed band around your body in the hips and find the widest circle. That it should be taken as a basis, even if it is closer to the stomach or in the area of ​​the buttocks.

Hip height

One part of a centimeter tape around the line of the thighs (the protruding part), and the second attach from the waist to this line. It is important to choose the most prominent place on the body.In some it is in the abdomen, in others - on the side. You will get the right measure.

Shoulder length

Put the necklace on the neck in the form of a chain, or just a thread with a small pendant. It will mark your neck. The starting point will be your chain, and the end point will be a point above the axilla. Define it by lowering your hand.

Breast height

The beginning of the measurement is a chain on the shoulder, the end is the most convex point of the chest.

Center of the chest

The distance between the protruding points of the chest. Recorded in half size.

Shoulder girth

To measure this measurement, put a small bracket on the end of the centimeter tape, for example a clip. Fix the tape in the bracket and tighten it. Thus measure the widest part of the shoulder. Merku indicated fully.

Back width

Put a measuring tape on the extreme points of each shoulder, and measure the distance between them.

Prepare everything you need to build your pattern.

You will need:

  • A4 paper;
  • tape measure;
  • patterns;
  • large format tracing paper;
  • pencils and sharpener;
  • scissors;
  • compass;
  • right angle ruler

Glue A4 sheets to get the right size.This paper is easier to buy than sheets of a larger format, and you can store patterns in regular files. Tracing paper helps to translate patterns and patterns for embroidery.

Thanks to these measurements, you can easily build a basic pattern, it is often offered for knitwear. If you need to sew from a regular fabric, add the necessary undercuts.

Novice craftswomen can be advised to take ready-made patterns and adjust them for their measurements. Do not forget to make some additions to the fit, depending on the type of fabric and the chosen style of the product.

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