Unusual valentine

It is always pleasant to receive from your favorite hands a token of attention, a souvenir, a small gift. It is especially nice when this gift is a symbol of your love. Such a sign of attention can be the original valentine. Having shown only a little patience and accuracy from plain paper, you can create beautiful and memorable crafts. Let's combine in our valentine two paper handling techniques: trimming and quilling. We will need:
  • crepe paper,
  • quilling paper,
  • two-color paper,
  • cardboard,
  • pencil,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • special device for quilling.
Creped paper, quilling paper and a forked end wand are sold at the office supply store. If desired, the cramp-paper can be replaced with simple multi-colored napkins, thin strips cut into two-color paper, and instead of a quilling device, use an awl, toothpick or a knitting needle. We cut out the base of our valentine from a cardboard - the heart and draw on it a second, smaller size.
 Cut the base from cardboard
From crepe paper we cut strips 1 cm wide.
 cut strips
Cut strips into squares approximately 1x1 cm in size. Cut two strips approximately 1 cm wide from two-color paper. Choose a green boom gu for quilling.
 Cut squares from strips
We tightly wrap a square of paper around the blunt end of a pencil and grease the end with glue.
lubricate the end with glue
We firmly press the leaves covered with glue to the workpiece.
 glue the leaves to the blank
sizing both the heart of the perimeter.
glue the leaves to the workpiece
We wind the strips for quilling on a device or a needle. Carefully remove the workpiece, slightly dissolve, glue the tip and compress on one or two sides.
 slightly dissolve
Fill the big heart with pieces of crepe paper. br>
 Fill a big heart
For The heart of a small heart is arbitrarily filled with green blanks - these are the leaves of our bouquet.
 Fill a big heart
Now the most difficult thing is to make roses from strips of two-color paper. We bend the tip of the strip inside.
 We bend the tip of the strip
Two or three times we wrap the strip around the stick.
 wrapping the strip
Remove the workpiece and fold the strip outwards.
 We continue to minimize
We continue to minimize the rinse until the end of the lapel.
turn the strip out
Turn the strip out again and fold the tube further. At this stage it is not necessary to compress the workpiece strongly.
 Fix the tip with glue
Fix the tip of the formed rose with glue and drip a drop of glue into the center to hold the petals together.
such roses
Making three such roses. In order to impart completeness of the composition, it is possible to form buds of roses from matched quilling paper. Finally we form our valentine.

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