Unusual schools in which it is impossible to study badly

For many, the school building is an ordinary box of brick or concrete. But the students of these institutions had a chance to master their disciplines in places that many would consider the most beautiful in the world.

School for students with health peculiarities Marcel Sembad in France

In this institution, the educational process is designed so that each student can show all their best qualities. Particular attention is paid to careful attitude to the environment and comfort in training. Many classes are held on open-air sites, which does not allow students to tire too quickly. The lawn covers not only the yard, but also the roof of the school.

Green School in Bali for those interested in ecology

Architects John and Cynthia Hardy have set themselves the task of designing an educational institution in which everyone will be happy to come. The complex occupies about 8 hectares, and more resembles a modern hotel with ethnic motives.The basics of the curriculum are interaction with nature and creativity. The school focuses on the development of traditional crafts and animal care. The territory has its own zoo.

Elite School for Boys in Switzerland

To get to study at this institution, you must be a child of very rich parents. For the semester will have to pay a tidy sum. The most important idea of ​​an institution is separate education. Boys do not develop as fast as girls. For this reason, some of them lose interest in learning in junior classes, losing by comparison. The school creates a comfortable psychological atmosphere and comfortable learning environment. Classes in creative subjects are held in mixed groups.

School for brilliant children in Stockholm

The wards of this institution in secondary schools could be called nerds. Therefore, for the sake of kids who are ahead of their peers in development, their own space was created with an area of ​​almost 2,000 square meters. Each child studies according to an individually selected program, and the priority of the educational process is the development of modern technologies.

Grammar school in Denmark

An unusual area in Copenhagen was developed specifically to take the city out of the crisis situation. The idea of ​​a settlement is the development of new technologies and a fundamentally careful attitude to one’s own nature and culture. In the gymnasium, located in a stunning building, students are prepared for universities specializing in the study of culture, media and social communications. There are many open spaces in the building instead of isolated classrooms, which should teach students how to interact with each other.

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