Unusual collection: wedding dresses like those of Disney princesses

A beautiful designer's idea will allow every girl to fulfill the dream of her childhood. After all, now you can get married in a Disney princess dress. The designer creates his work for the fashion brand Kuraudi, and his models are very popular among Japanese brides.

The tuxedo prince from the corresponding cartoon is also included in the set. Today there is no information about whether the dresses will be sold in other countries. The collection does not copy the dresses of the princesses completely, rather we are talking about inspiration with popular images. Very many girls want to buy them and become a real queen of the ball. Despite the usual silhouettes and colors for cartoon lovers, each outfit takes into account modern fashion trends.

So far, the collection has embodied images of only six Disney princesses, including Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Snow White.

Who said that at your own wedding, the bride must be in white? On the most important day, you can be a real princess, especially the outfit for the groom is included.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the size available for purchase. But the outfits look just great!

The company Kuraudi, among other things, has in its range of wedding dresses in the style of Barbie. The price of outfits starts from $ 3600. And anyone who is willing to pay the appropriate amount has the opportunity to order the shipment by mail from Japan.

Date: 09.10.2018, 20:40 / Views: 65335

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