Universal Built-in Regulator XD-W2308

Hello everyone! Today I received another parcel from China, in which there was this, previously ordered by me, universal temperature controller.This model appealed to me especially, since it has clear advantages before other Chinese models, which I need as an amateur to make.

Universal embedded controller
Universal embedded controller
Universal embedded controller
Universal embedded controller

Well, in fact, let's move on to the pluses:

- the first is a larger and brighter character display, the numbers of which well distinguishable even from a distance.

- the second is the minimum size. Regulators in their case often can not be built into compact devices due to their size.

- the third, unlike a simple board, this model has its own falsity panel and I just have to cut a window in the installation object and that's it. Further everything is twisted with screws, a false panel is glued on top. It looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

- quad, this is the presence of a zoom that beeps when exceeded specified level or a preliminary level set in the settings.

All these advantages made my choice in favor of this regulator. Oh yes, I almost forgot: this model has more flexible tuning ranges, which can be will be needed by picky or demanding users.

Well, let's move on to the characteristics of this device:

The supply voltage is 12 volts. And here again this model has a plus. - it is possible to feed the board both with direct and alternating current. At the entrance is diode and smoothing capacitors, followed by a stabilizer.

The universal digital controller maintains the set temperature in range from - 55 to + 120 ° C, with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. All naturally limits are set.

The output of the controller are relay contacts with a load capacity of 10 ampere and switching voltage up to 250 volts. The relay contacts are isolated from main circuit ie the regulator is galvanically isolated by voltage power and control circuit.

The controller has a measurement error of only a total of ± 0. 5 ° C, which grab your head for bit temperature control.

Universal embedded controller

The temperature sensor is sealed and can work in humid environments or even in water if you are going use a regulator, say, to measure the temperature of the water and preheat the aquarium.

Here we are quietly and got to the use of a digital controller. The device can be used for: a terrarium, an incubator, an aquarium, freezer, refrigerator, various industrial coolers, furnaces and boilers, thermostats. Just a huge field of opportunity where it can be used. this regulator.

Personally, I used this regulator to control the kitchen hood. The sensor secured in the retracting zone above the plate, adjusted the response to exceeding 28 degrees, hysteresis, or the difference on - off exposed 2 degrees.Now when the gas burners are switched on, the heat rises up, and the hood turns on. The hood is turned off when the temperature drops to 26 degrees So here! Everything is simple, but how convenient))) Now one thing has come to use pleasure.

If desired, of course, the regulator can be installed in the body of course - it's all an amateur.

Now it's time to consider the inclusion circuits. According to the manual, which there are two in the kit:

The first diagram shows the inclusion in the low-voltage circuit and control of 12 volt load.

Universal embedded controller
The second diagram shows the inclusion in the high-voltage circuit and control load 220 V.
Universal embedded controller

Which scheme to choose is up to you: If your load is low-voltage, go to example, the management of computer coolers, then the first, and if high-voltage, say, a heater, then a second.

Personally, I will choose the second one in order to show the regulator in operation.

Well, I’ve put together a circuit.

Universal embedded controller

I turn it on. Initially, the regulator is on and displays the temperature of the sensor. If the message "LLL" is displayed when turned on, this means that the sensor is not connected or not working properly. If you will need turn off the regulator, then to do this, press "ENT" and hold 2-5 seconds before turning off the regulator. The device can be switched on for a short time. by pressing "SET".

As you have already noticed - all clicks are accompanied by short-term sound signals, which is very convenient.

To set the temperature that needs to be maintained, briefly Press the "SET" key. Use the up and down arrow buttons to set the desired temperature, then briefly press "SET" or "ENT", to return to the original state. All - the temperature is set and the controller will support her. I set the temperature to 27 degrees, now I will heat the sensor by hand and the light should come on indicating that the device has been turned on. Let's check.

The light bulb caught fire! While I turn out the light bulb, so as not to blind. Regulator works.

Let's get the settings right:

To enter the settings menu, press and hold the "SET" button for about 5 seconds before the appearance of the inscription "P0". P0 is one of the menu items. Now With the "+" or "-" buttons you can select any menu item from P0 - P8. Value The menu items are shown in the table below. Selecting an item - enter it with the key "SET". With the "+" or "-" buttons you can set the values ​​you need.

Menu item



values ​​

Factory Settings


Mode operation of the thermostat: “C” or “H” when the set temperature is exceeded).

"C" or "H"



Setup hysteresis.

0.1 - 30 ℃



Upper adjustable temperature limit.

+ 120 ℃

+ 120 ℃


Lower adjustable temperature limit.

- 50 ℃

- 50 ℃


Adjustment temperatures.

- 10 +10 ℃



Temporary delay when the relay is switched on.

0 - 10 min



Upper alarm limit.

- 50 ℃ +120 ℃



Lock settings.




Reset to factory settings.



Now go through the points:

P0 - the mode of operation of the thermostat. If you put "C" the regulator will close the relay contacts when the temperature exceeds the preset level, just like now with a light bulb. These are terrariums, aquariums and others, where it is necessary to warm up the objects of control. If you set "H", then the relay contacts will open when the temperature exceeds the set level. It's necessary for refrigeration first.

P1 - set the hysteresis, as I said: this temperature difference between on and off. By default, hysteresis - 2 degrees, that is, if the temperature is maintained at 30 degrees, the regulator will be turn on at 30 degrees and turn off at 28 degrees. Minimum value hysteresis - 0.1 degrees Celsius. The lower this value, the more often the thermostat turns on and off.

P2, P3 - well, it will help Example: you need to control, say, a hot water boiler. Naturally it is impossible to install the upper chapel above 100 degrees - otherwise the boiler will not shut down, because the water temperature can not exceed 100 degrees. And you It is necessary to limit the strip of temperature selection from about 10 to 90 degrees. Here is Here it is necessary points P2, and P3, which set the upper and lower limits of the adjustment range.

P4 - Of course, the Chinese accurately calibrate their sensors and devices, but if you suspect that the regulator is not quite accurately shows the real temperature you can enter correction values ​​on which differ in readings with a reference thermometer, thereby calibrating him.

P5 - Everything is simple: this is a time delay before inclusion. If the trigger value reaches the threshold, the timer starts the expiration of which include the load. Time delay may be set from 0 to 10 minutes.

P6 - Alarm threshold. Temperature, after which a beep will begin.

P7 - Lock Settings: if its value is set in ON, then no settings in the controller you can change until you set the OFF value to "P7."

P8 - Reset to factory settings. Factory settings are shown in the table in last column. It is necessary when you knock down all the settings and you need restore initial values.

After selecting and entering all the settings, to apply the parameters, press the button "SET" to exit with saving in the selection menu P0-P8, or the "ENT" button to exit with saving to the main state of the temperature display.

In addition to the indicator, there is an LED on the device panel, signaling for closed relay contacts.

The controller is stable and reliable in operation. All settings are saved in non-volatile memory and are not reset when power is turned off.

The kit includes:

  • Temperature controller - 1 pc.
  • Temperature sensor - 1 pc.
  • Operating Instructions - 1 pc.
  • Screw - 6 pcs.
  • Nut - 6 pcs.
  • Plastic extension - 4 pcs.
  • Panel - 1 pc.
  • False panel with markings - 1 pc.
Universal embedded controller
Universal embedded controller
Universal embedded controller

That's all! Boldly order this controller at the lowest price - link in the description. Why at the lowest? Yes, because I spend a decent time in order to find the lowest price option and only Verified users after reading all the reviews.

You can purchase it here

Well, I say goodbye to you. thanks for view this video. I will be very grateful to you if you like this video. If you have questions - write, I will be happy to answer them. Subscribe per channel. All the best to you! Goodbye!

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