Unique projects of modern designers: when trees become part of architectural design

Unique projects are houses, in the design of which growing trees are used. It is bold, creative, thought out to the smallest detail and environmentally friendly - this is exactly what halls and living rooms, a patio area, look like in practice. The idea is not to remove the tree, but to come up with a design that makes it an accent deserves attention. Eco-style has many faces. In some cases, in the interior there can be a tree with a powerful trunk and spreading branches, deliberately piercing several floors, and in others - a specially planted young tree. Both add personality, become a powerful accent and subject of admiration. Of course, this element of the decor will have to be taken care of. But you can still admire its magnificence without ceasing.

Date: 09.10.2018, 16:02 / Views: 53194

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