Unique pink dolphin hit the lens of Louisiana residents

Local celebrity Louisiana again flashes on the pages of magazines, newspapers and news sites. And this time it is not an actor or singer. Pinky is a dolphin who received his nickname because of the unusual color of his skin. And he is pink!

The animal was first noticed in 2007, when he was still very young and was swimming next to his mother. Pinky has repeatedly appeared "in public" over the past ten years.

On Saturday afternoon, the pink dolphin again appeared above the water in the bay near Hackberry and was filmed by a passenger of one of the cruise liners. According to the woman, she nearly fell overboard, noticing this sea miracle. This time, Pinky was swimming with a group of other dolphins, among which was another pink-colored animal! Unfortunately, the second pink dolphin could not be photographed. According to experts, this may be baby Pinky.

There is no exact data why the animal has acquired such an unusual color.This can be a form of albinism or a rare genetic mutation. The existence of the "second Pinky" may testify in favor of the latest version. Now in Louisiana, people spend long hours on the ocean, trying to shoot pink dolphins on camera. Some are even lucky!

Date: 08.10.2018, 16:13 / Views: 34541

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