Tunic - a universal model for every woman's wardrobe

Tunics fashion designers refer to all-season types of clothing. The appropriate style, material, sewing and finishing products allow you to create a festive or everyday outfit. The Latin word “tunica” means clothes of direct cut with side cuts, known since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. Modern women's tunics thanks to the efforts of stylists have become more elegant and versatile models.

Main distinguishing characteristics and types of products

For tunics include products that are characterized by the following features:

  • the length of the bottom edge should be below the waist;
  • they sew without a collar, sports counterparts have a hood;
  • can be supplemented by an accessory - belt, belt.

Modern models of tunic from Ivanovo are created by designers from different materials of a wide range of colors and finishes.She is rightly referred to clothing for all women without age restrictions and physique. After all, they help the full ladies to visually cover unwanted outlines of curvaceous shapes, and the emphasis on a slim figure is easily created by a belt or a belt.

Graceful universal models are relevant for travel, recreation, personal meetings and business negotiations. In the collections of designers there are two types of women's tunics depending on the season - summer and demi-season. Summer species are sewn from light, airy natural fabrics or lightweight synthetic linen. The style of the models is distinguished by the presence of short and wide sleeves, a deep round or sharp neckline. They are decorated with prints, artful embroidery, original applications.

Demi tunics sew with long sleeves and stand-up collar. Used in the manufacture of knit tight knit visually creates a model that looks like an elongated jacket or sweater. It is worn over a lightweight blouse or a thin sweater of an adjacent silhouette.

How to combine a model with other types of clothing

If you follow the simple rules of combining wearing a tunic with other types of clothing and accessories, you can create various original versions of individual images.For example, a summer tunic dress looks great with an elegant belt and high-heeled platform shoes.

The winter version of the dress is combined with thin pantyhose, a belt and boots with long tops. The tunic blouse in the office version will be a stylish outfit for a young woman dressed in narrowed pants or a tight skirt. In a relaxed atmosphere, she is perfect with shorts, leggings, jeans.

The attire with leggings of different color shades successfully emphasizes the harmony of the legs. The correct combination with jeans is dictated by the tunic tunic and the shape of the cut of trousers - flared or narrow. But in order not to become a subject of caustic mockery when wearing with outerwear it is important to observe the condition of matching its length and the length of the tunic.

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