Tree of Happiness

The article you are reading is about making a tree of happiness. What is the "Tree of Happiness"? This is a composition of artificial materials that will permanently decorate the interior of your home and does not require absolutely no care. In a different way, the tree of happiness is called “topiary.” In European floristics, this is a fairly well-known type of compositions, but in the CIS countries the production of such beauty has appeared recently. It is considered that the tree of happiness is presented in order that peace, comfort, reciprocity and joy reign in the house. To your attention I offer my master class of the tree "Happiness tree". So, for this we need the following materials:
 you will need the following materials
- sisal; - corrugated paper; - several pages of the newspaper;- glue gun; - a few sticks of silicone glue; - artificial flower buds; - gypsum; - a pot (a yoghurt jar); - beads;
- tulle or any other material; - narrow ribbon; - densewire. Making the composition 1. We take several layers of the newspaper and arrange them one after another, forming a ball. Each layer is fixed with glue.
 forming a ball
2. A newspaper ball is covered with corrugated paper over the top and we also fix the ends with glue.
 forming a ball
3. From the sisal we wind small balls with a diameter of about 2-2.5 cm. To do this, we need to pinch a bit of sisal from the skein and use a palm to twist the ball. small balls
4. With the help of glue we fix the balls on the previously prepared top for the tree (newspaper ball). You shouldn’t stick too tight, as we’ll insert flowers between some sisal balls.
 small balls
5. After all the balls are glued, we insert flowers and fix them with a glue gun.
 inserting flowers
If desired, there may be more or less buds in topiary, so I do not Began to initially specify the number of colors.It all depends on the size of the product and your imagination. 6. Next, we decorate the top for the tree with beads or any other accessories.
 decorate the top
 decorate the top
7. We proceed to the formation of the trunk. To do this, take the wire, bend it in the form of a spiral and paste it with sisal.
 Go to the formation of the trunk
8. At the top we make a hole in order to insert the barrel. To do this, choose the most unfortunate angle of the flower ball, make a puncture with scissors or an awl and, applying a lot of silicone glue, fix the barrel.
 We proceed to the formation of the trunk

9. I also decorated the barrel with beads.
 fix the trunk
 decorate with beads
10. Pour plaster into a jar (pot), add water and mix.The consistency should be of the type of thick cream.
 Pour plaster into a jar
11. We insert the trunk of the tree into the gypsum and set it in such a place that the tree freezes exactly. For example, I put the top of the tree against the window frame.
 Insert the barrel
12. After the plaster hardens well, proceed to the design of the pot. You can, of course, buy a beautiful, elegant pot and not waste time decorating it. But in my case this is a jar of yogurt, so the design is inevitable. We cut off the necessary piece of corrugated paper and wrap a pot in it.
 Insert the trunk
 wrapping the pot
13. From above we cover the paper with several layers of tulle or any other fabric matching the color.
 wrapping up the pot
14. The final touches. We tie a bow of a ribbon folded several times onto a tree trunk near the very beginning of the crown of a topiary. A potty You can decorate with beads or any other accessories.
 tie a bow
Topiarchik" Tree of Happiness "- ready!
 Tree of Happiness

Tree of Happiness
I'm about Shade hope my master class in handy for you to create your own compositions. Initially, I did not write the amount of materials, their colors and the size of the product. In fact, thanks to your imagination and desire to create beauty, you yourself will come to what color and size you need a decoration in the form of a topiary. Good luck and creative ideas!
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