TOP 8 of the most beautiful women on the planet


Beauty is biased and she is in the eye of the beholder. That is, whatever one may say, everyone perceives the same parameters in different ways, and what excites one may not like the other to shiver and not touch the third at all. One likes blondes, others prefer brunettes, and someone goes crazy with red-haired girls. Someone like skinny, and other eyes can not tear from the magnificent ladies.

In general, there is no arguing about tastes, but there are unconditional beauties whose appearance is admired all over the world. After analyzing several ratings of different years, you can make the TOP 8 of the most beautiful women in the world.

8th place

Natalie Portman - famous actress. It has the correct features and fragile figure. Natalie has a deep look, literally fascinating men. And her curls cause white envy in women.


7th place

Lana del Rey is a retro diva of our time. Thanks to strong vocals and heartfelt songs, she won the love of fans from different countries. Lana is loved not only for creativity, but also for external beauty. The girl carefully monitors the image.She combines tenderness with the image of a femme fatale. Spectacular makeup emphasizes elegant features of the face.


6 place

A girl with luxurious breasts and golden curls is the dream of every man. And they found the embodiment of this dream in Scarlett Johansson. The actress seemed to come down from heaven - she has a truly angelic appearance.


5th place

The burning beauty Riana conquered the world not only with songs, but also with a sense of style. She is absolutely any haircut or hairstyle. At first, Rihanna had long hair, then she began to experiment with them. And each time it became more and more beautiful!


4th place

Emma Watson received the love of the public from a very young age. The Harry Potter star with age only became more attractive. Now Emma is fully opened and bloomed like a beautiful flower!


3rd place

Before the noble beauty of Angelina Jolly, even Brad Pitt could not resist. Still would! High cheekbones, luxurious hair, sensual lips and big eyes - hardly anyone will deny that it's beautiful! Angelina knows about her advantages and emphasizes them with her clothes, make-up and hairdo.


2nd place

The beauty of Megan Fox, though not completely natural, but unconditional! Yes, the girl did plastic surgery, but her face became only more harmonious. The results of the interventions are not visible, so the impression of complete naturalness is created. And this is art too!


1 place

For many years, Monica Bellucci has been confidently holding leading positions in various ratings for female beauty. Men love her, women admire her. Monica has a memorable appearance and feminine figure. Despite the great competition among Hollywood actresses, Monica can easily give a head start to many young girls. She is the real goddess of female beauty!


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