Top 10 most popular gifts for the New Year

Of all the New Year holidays, we are most associated with a fairy tale. We all want to believe in a miracle, and maybe that's why on New Year's Eve we are waiting for some kind of magic, something special. And what can be more pleasant than to receive a special long-awaited gift?

Different countries have their own traditions of celebrating the New Year. Someone notes it with a smaller scale, and someone spares no money to celebrate the main holiday of the year. But there is one tradition that is typical for all nations and countries - an exchange of gifts on New Year's Eve.

Agree that all people love to receive gifts, and the New Year is another reason to please their relatives and friends with small presents. And what gifts are the most desired for people from different countries?

We offer you the Top 10 most popular gifts that are most often given for the New Year in the world:

  1. Perfumes and cosmetics.These are the most common gifts.First, the range of these products is quite large, so you can always find something new. In addition, everyone can find a gift from the price category that suits him. Secondly, there is hardly a person who does not like to receive as a gift a beautiful bottle with a new scent or one more jar of your favorite cream. Of course, when choosing a perfume or cosmetics as a gift, it will not hurt to know the tastes and preferences of the person to whom this gift is addressed.
  2. Money.Oddly enough, but it is an envelope with money that is on the second place among the most expected gifts for the New Year. No one will interfere with additional funds that can be spent without remorse on your loved one. In addition, for those who give money - this is a real salvation, because you do not have to wrestle with what to buy, and then spend a lot of time searching for the right gift, running around the shops.
  3. Gadgets.In the age of high technology, these items have become an integral part of our lives. Of course, these are quite expensive gifts, but if you are allowed to receive funds, you can easily pick up any gadget depending on the preferences of each family member.It can be a tablet, player, laptop, phone, camera, unusual flash drive, etc. For motorists, you can buy a new navigator, and for book lovers - an e-book.
  4. Appliances.This is a gift for the closest people, parents or friends, as you should know well what exactly a person needs to make his life more comfortable. Otherwise, you risk giving a regular electric kettle or hair dryer, which will simply gather dust in the closet.
  5. Confectionery.We associate the New Year with an abundance of sweets on the table and the smell of mandarin. Therefore, to maintain the festive atmosphere, you can safely choose as a gift some original cake or a beautiful box of chocolates.
  6. Jewelry.If you do not know what to give a woman for the New Year - give her a beautiful earrings or a chain with pendant, or any other decoration. Believe that no woman will remain indifferent to such a gift, no matter how old she is. But if you have no money to buy expensive jewelry, then you can turn your attention to jewelry. Beautiful unusual decorations will also please any woman.
  7. Wine or champagne.In whatever country you celebrate the New Year, on your way to visit, be sure to bring along a bottle of good wine or sparkling champagne. This gift will always be appropriate on any New Year's table.
  8. Household items and decor.A beautiful set of dishes, expensive wine glasses, an unusual statuette or a vase, a fashionable lamp, expensive linens and good towels - all this is sure to be useful in the household and will help create a cozy atmosphere in any home. Such a gift like any hostess. You can give the dishes with photographs or funny wishes, so that every day you can cheer up people who are dear to you.
  9. Souvenirs.These are fairly common gifts for the New Year, as they do not require large cash outlay. Each year, the Chinese calendar corresponds to a particular animal. In order for you and all your loved ones to be accompanied throughout the year by good luck in all your endeavors, the house must have attributes of a New Year's animal. Therefore, you can safely make such a gift to everyone you wish good luck: family, friends and colleagues. In addition, these souvenirs can be made special if you make them with your own hands.It will be doubly pleasant to receive such a gift.
  10. Flowers.Perhaps some of this New Year's gift will seem strange, but in many European and Asian countries there is even a tradition to decorate your house with fresh flowers. In Europe, they love poinsettia very much or as it is also called the “Christmas star”, while in Asia they are in awe of the blossoming branches of peach or apricot. In any case, a bouquet of beautiful flowers will always be a very pleasant and unexpected gift for the New Year. Moreover, it is now coming into fashion to make floral arrangements resembling a Christmas tree. White flowers on a green background of thuja, such as callas, freesia and chrysanthemums, look especially winter-like. Such an original floral Christmas tree will be a real decoration of any home.

Ecocube from Eyford Company is among the top New Year's souvenirs. It is universal and suitable as a gift to absolutely everyone: family members, friends, colleagues, corporate clients. It is inexpensive. Its content does not cause much trouble. And the active development of a fast-growing plant presented for the New Year will be associated with new successes in life, study, business.

Young shoots from the eco-cube donated to the New Year holidays appear in the harshest, coldest and darkest season. It is especially pleasant to observe their growth when the view from the window is not distinguished by joyful colors. And it's nice to remember the one who gave a small living miracle, bought in the company of Eyford.

A wonderful and original gift will be a certificate for an unforgettable impression of a parachute jump, flying on an autogyro or in an aerotube. You can purchase such a certificate on the site

Whatever gift you choose, the most important thing is to celebrate the New Year with the people you love. After all, a good mood is a gift for everyone without exception!

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