Tomato Juice Recipe

Tomato juice can be considered the main among all vegetable juices. It has so many vitamins that this juice is recommended for everyone, even young children. Tomato juice has another remarkable and useful property: it increases the level of hemoglobin. Of course, caviar, cod liver, quail eggs and other "undemocratic", at a cost, the products are also able to increase hemoglobin. But they are “not capable” of being available to everyone. And tomatoes are available. And tomato juice should be on the table.

To do this, you need to know the recipe for tomato juice. First of all, you need not just tomatoes, but ripe, fleshy, which have almost no seeds. If they are still there, the juicer will help out: it chops the vegetables so that the seeds simply go away. Juicer can be replaced by a meat grinder.

The next stage, or the simplest recipe for tomato juice, is to boil the juice in an enamel saucepan for about a quarter of an hour. Only it is impossible to move away from it: it is necessary to constantly stir the juice. But no spices are required, so the method is called "simple."Remove from heat and, without allowing to cool, pour into prepared sterilized jars. Roll up the lids and cool. Store the juice prepared according to this recipe, it is necessary at a temperature of 10-12 degrees.

Tomato juice: winter version

The "winter" version of the juice is prepared as follows: ground tomatoes are cooked for 30 minutes. Then salt and sugar are added, another five minutes of boiling and only then, in order to fully comply with the tomato juice recipe for the winter, spices are added - sweet peas, cloves, if you like cinnamon. Do not need vinegar. No need for sterilization. The function of the sterilizer will take 1 tablet, per liter jar of juice, aspirin. Such juice, if households do not drink quickly, is very long, even in the closet. It is delicious and for drinking, and for filling borscht or main dishes.

Tomato juice: recipe "vitamin"

Absolutely natural taste will remain for a long time if, while preparing tomato juice, the recipe is based on preserving vitamins as much as possible. However, this method involves the mandatory sterilization of spilled juice in banks. But first, the ground tomatoes should be brought to a boil, i.e. to a temperature of 95 degrees.Pay attention: not to boil, but a little bit “not to hold out”. This is not “to finish off” and will provide a large amount of vitamins to tomato juice. That is, exactly what they love tomato juice for. And now, reaching 95 degrees, the juice is poured into clean cans, covered with lids and sterilized right in the cans. For liter cans enough 20-25 minutes. Banks in 2 l sterilized longer: 25-30 minutes. Sterilization of three-liter bottles is even longer: 30-40 minutes. Then the lids are rolled up, the cans are set upside down and wrapped, for example, with a quilt or something else warm. Here the principle of natural cooling is important.

Cooled banks are sent to storage. It is not necessary that it was a cellar. Banks with tomato juice, prepared and closed by the above method, are successfully stored in a regular pantry in the apartment. And one more “plus” of tomato juice prepared at home: when it is poured into cans, you can adjust the density. Then in some containers tomato juice will be almost without pulp, and in others, the pulp will be greater. Get juice on request. Now you can make juice to taste for everyone.

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