Tom Cruise commented on the rumor about his false buttocks

Tom Cruise was tired of endless accusations of using overhead buttocks. So much so that he decided to comment on the rumor that goes on the web already - let me count - nine years! Conversations began after the movie “Operation Valkyrie”, where the actor played Col. Klaus von Stauffenberg, who led the conspiracy against Hitler. In the fifth minute, the audience paid attention to ... a prominent fifth point of the protagonist. The frame scattered across social networks, became a meme and spawned a lot of theories, and the poor fellow Tom has since been asked to reveal the secret of his luxurious buttocks.

"No, I did not use any dentures!" - finally assured Tom Cruise. - Yes, for what, in fact, I do it? I do not represent. " And he recalled that on the set he always works without doubles, and not only in scenes with dangerous stunts, but also in the bedding, hinting that he has buttocks of nature. “I show only myself in films.So you know, ”- said the actor.

Date: 09.11.2018, 08:22 / Views: 72245

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