The first half began slowly. Perhaps this was due to the unbearable heat that prevailed in Manus. The Italians controlled the ball a little more, and the British checked the goalkeeper of Italy Sirigu with long shots.

In the center of the field was soloist Andrea Pirlo. This man was enough to not even touch the ball in order to build the first goal. On the 35th minute after the corner of maestro Pirlo missed the ball so cleverly that the British did not immediately realize how the round turned out to be in the goal after the marvelous impact of Marchisio from outside the penalty area. 1 - 0 Italy led.

Short-lived fans of the four-time triumphant world championship celebrated success. Already on the 37th minute, the soccer team made a brilliant quick attack. Just a few gears, and the Bridge shoots Sirigu - the score becomes 1 - 1. The game gradually began to gain momentum. The skill of the players of both teams demonstrated the overall level of the giants of world football.

At the end of the inning, the Italians missed a good chance to hit the English gates. �Supermario� slyly threw Hart, but the defender took the ball from the ribbons of the gate.After the corner Kandreva struck into the goal post of the British. Such an attack ended the first half.

The second half of the meeting began with the attacks of the British. However, on the 50th minute, the offensive outbursts of the pioneers of football cooled Mario Balotelli. Kandreva figured out the English back and gave an amazing pitch to the far post, where Balotelli's head sent the ball into the goal. 2 - 1 Italians led.

The second half of the half passed in the attacks of England. Skuadra adzura players didn�t even think about the attack. The Italians suffered, and they did it in a way that no one in the world can do. Several times Sirigu rescued Italy after dangerous strikes, but there was no need to talk about super-scoring moments at the gates of four-time triumphant fandals.

In condensed time, Andrea Pirlo almost increased the score, but his smart free-kick hit the crossbar.

The referee's whistle fixed the hardest victory of the Italian team 2 - 1 over a formidable opponent. Now the British will have to beat Uruguay in the second round, which in itself is also a daunting task. Squadra Adzura is compared on points with Costa Rica and rises to the top of the World Cup death group.

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Tip 2: How did the England team at the 2014 World Cup football

England team is considered one of the strongest and most uncompromising teams. In its composition have always been great players. Convening the national team for the 2014 World Cup was no exception.
How did the England team at the 2014 World Cup football

Players of the national football team of England were limited to only three matches at the 2014 World Championship. The British fell into the group of death (quartet D). The Uruguayans, Italians and Costa Ricans opposed the pioneers of football.

England played its first match with Italy. Viewers could see interesting high-quality football. However, the English fans were not pleased with the final result - the Italian team won the game (2-1).

The second match in Group D for the British was one of the decisive. They needed to beat the Uruguay team. But that did not happen. The British lost 1 - 2. In the match, the double was marked by Luis Suarez, who deprived England of all hopes of leaving the group. Thus, it turned out that the England team, having lost the first two matches in the tournament, could already be going home.

In the final match of the group stage, which was the last for England, the founders of football could not beat Costa Rica. The game ended in a goalless draw.

The final result of the British - one point in three matches of the group stage. This led to the last place in Group D. Such a result could not be acceptable for the team of England, and therefore the world championship of 2014 in Brazil for the representatives of Albion is considered a failure.

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Tip 3: World Cup 2014 football: the results of the eighth game of the day

The most long-awaited meeting of the eighth game of the day at the World Cup in Brazil was the match between the national teams of Uruguay and England. In addition to these outstanding teams, Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, Japan and Greece took to the stadiums fields in Brazil on June 19.
World Cup 2014: the results of the eighth game day

The first match of the day took place in the capital of Brazil. The match was attended by the leaders of Group C teams of Colombia and Côte d'Ivoire. The first half was goalless. There was a tension in the arena, named after the great striker Garrincha. The impression was created that weights were hanging on the players' feet - the development of events was unhurried. The second half pleased the viewer with goals. First, the Colombians scored twice, after which the South American viewers calmed down and waited for a simple ending of the meeting. However, Zhervino managed to play one ball.In the remaining 15 minutes, African team players tried to score more, but this did not happen. The national team of Colombia scored the next three points and single-handedly led the quartet With the World Cup.

The meeting between Uruguay and England was central to the matches on June 19th. Both teams lost their starting games in the tournament, so the match of the second round in Group D was of great importance. The hero of the meeting was Luis Suárez, who scored two goals in the gates of the soccer team. Antihero - Wayne Rooney, who even scored one goal, but missed two great chances for taking the South American goal. First, the Uruguayans went ahead, but then England struggled to recoup. However, in the final quarter-minute, Suarez scored a double and brought the final victory to Uruguay with a score of 2 - 1. Now the South Americans caught up with the teams of Italy and Costa Rica, but the latter had a game between them in reserve. The situation in group D is even more confused.

The last match of the day was the game in Natal between Japan and Greece. This match was the most boring in the eighth game of the day. The final score of 0 - 0 reflects the main content of the meeting. There were not so many dangerous moments, but the Japanese were nevertheless closer to victory.These teams represent group C in the world championship. Now, after two rounds, the table in this quartet is headed by Colombians with six points, the Ivorians have three points, and the Japanese and the Greeks have one point each. The teams will play one more match in the group.

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