Tip 2: Chickenpox in adults: complications

������Chickenpox refers to infectious diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets. Chickenpox is considered a childhood disease, as it is usually infected before the age of 7 years.

The insidious nature of chickenpox in adults

Kids tolerate chickenpox relatively easily, only itchy rashes bring discomfort. Those who have been ill for life receive immunity to this affliction. If, in childhood, a person escaped the disease, his body remains completely defenseless against the varicella zoster virus.
It is possible, therefore, that ill adults tolerate chickenpox harder, and the risk of complications such as pneumonia or bronchitis is much higher for them. The main reason is the difference between the degree of immune defense. In children whose mothers have had chickenpox, the disease is mild, because their body is still protected by maternal immunity.In adults, their own immunity is developed, which is poorly coping with chickenpox: stronger eruptions appear on the body, fever persists for a long time, sore throats, and convulsions may appear.

How to cope with chickenpox

There is no significant difference in the fight against chickenpox in children and adults, but the latter can take a number of medicines that are contraindicated in children. The sooner treatment is started, the easier the disease will be. The main key to success is the inadmissibility of combing blisters.
Treatment of chickenpox is outpatient. Antipyretic drugs get fever, and itching can be removed or alleviated by taking one pill of "Diazolin" in the morning and evening, or with the help of Tavegila or Suprastina. These drugs affect the body as a sleeping pill, so it�s easier to fall asleep with them, their use helps to tolerate itching. The rash can not be wetted with water for at least 3-5 days from the moment of its appearance, that is, any water procedures are contraindicated, except for the necessary hygienic ones.
For the healing of abscesses and against suppuration, antiseptic agents are used: brilliant green, "Fukortsin", "Rivanol".After 10-14 days, the rash will dry out and begin to peel off, leaving shallow pink wounds on the skin. In order to leave no scars, after the final recovery of the site of boils during the week, you can lubricate the nourishing cream, which accelerates the regeneration of the skin and its healing.
It is possible to avoid possible complications only by observing bed rest. To restore normal fluid balance in the body will help drink plenty of fluids. The patient is recommended to adhere to the milk diet, completely eliminate fried, fatty and spicy foods. It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of your linen and bedding.

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