This house is not really intended for permanent life, but for rest it is a real paradise

Another example of the fact that it is not necessary to build a house of hundreds of square meters is enough to organize the space rationally and with taste. This small house in North Carolina, USA, looks like a tiny castle. Outside, he is very cute and quite charming. Small, fabulous, surprisingly harmoniously blended into the landscape of the forest on a rocky slope of the mountain.

It's hard to believe, but despite the relatively small area (78 sq.m.), this house is fully equipped for a comfortable stay of a family of two adults and two children.

And this amazing view compensates for everything that someone might consider a disadvantage.

On the first floor there is a small cozy room with a fireplace, here is a kitchen corner with an island and bar stools.

Upstairs is the original staircase, which reminds us of the core values ​​and basic essentials of our lives.

Upstairs we are waiting for an unexpectedly beautiful and quite roomy bedroom for adults, from which a stunning view opens up.

A small corridor connecting two rooms and a bathroom.

Bath with a beautiful shower, decorated in the style of a wooden house.

The interesting design of a two-level bed resembles the dwelling of Robin Hood and will surely inspire the kids for interesting dreams and adventures in this forest area.

Outside, guests can enjoy a barbecue and jacuzzi. Everything you need for a beautiful and cozy family holiday.

Of course, this house, perhaps, is not quite intended for permanent life, as getting to the place of work or study will not be easy, but for rest it is a real paradise.

And the main thing is that the house is not the number of meters and not the number of bedrooms, but the soul that was invested during its construction and decoration.

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