This house has not changed inside for 72 years

This home in Toronto (Canada) is 72 years old. His 96-year-old mistress - an ordinary woman, by profession a seamstress and knitter - decided to sell it. When real estate agents came to inspect the house, they gasped in surprise. The design was made in the style of the 50-60s of the last century. Every centimeter here is decorated with boundless love and perfection. Between themselves realtors dubbed it "the pearl that was hiding in the sink."

With his own hands he could not pass by such an attitude towards his dwelling. We take off our hat to the sense of taste and design talent of the mistress of this house!


The facade is unremarkable and looks like any other in the neighborhood.


In the foyer it becomes clear that a real miracle is hidden behind a banal exterior.

Living room

“I always tried to be original and follow my own style. My favorite colors are pink, purple, the color of the sea wave, "the hostess admits. Despite her age, she independently took care of the house until it was put up for sale.


If you suddenly have an eye on the dining table, then the daughter of the hostess expects to pick it up.


In 1950, the kitchen was installed original electric stove Moffat, which is still working properly.

Breakfast corner

This corner can serve as an excellent backdrop for filming a movie about the events of the last century.

Entrance to the second floor

Forged chairs and coasters are now extremely rare and are considered a real classic.

Family bedroom

Due to the harmonious combination of colors, the bedroom looks like a king.

Guest bedroom

One of the memories of the housewife's daughter is the words of the pope. Once he said to his wife: “In other rooms you can do anything. But please, no pink flowers in our bedroom! ”It feels like the hostess in the guest bedroom has come off in full.

Third bedroom

The bedroom is made in the style of a sewing studio. Violet and orange colors are perfectly combined.

Family bathroom

Passion for the pink color is manifested here. Harmoniously combined with matte and gold, he puts accents and creates a feeling of tenderness.

Bathroom ground floor

Every thing and every color in its place. Nothing extra. Self-sufficient beauty.

Ground floor

Traditionally, in the houses of this type provides a basement. Everyone disposed of it in their own way. The mistress of this dwelling made him a rest room for adults. Here you can sit in the bar, play a game of poker or another, warm up by the fireplace. And if the guests rested very well, then stay overnight on a hospitable sofa.

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