The secret possibilities of baby powder: use in the country, in everyday life and not only

Children's powder is widely used in the care of babies. At the same time, not everyone realizes that using a white powder based on talc can solve a lot of everyday problems. Hypoallergenic powder with a neutral odor useful at home and in the country. This cheap tool becomes a magic wand in different situations.

With baby powder on the backyard

Unlike humans, ants simply do not digest the smell of baby powder. To get rid of them, simply sprinkle the powder in their places of accumulation. It is possible to fight in this way with domestic ants, sprinkling it along the “trodden paths” and on the threshold.

Do not like the baby powder also small rodents. She is not liked not only by mice and gophers, but even by hares. What exactly does not suit them,smell or the presence of talcous pollen in the air, is not known for certain, but if sprinkled with a powder around the chosen beds, uninvited guests leave.

In a rainy year or in the immediate vicinity of groundwater, capable of absorbing moisture, the powder will help protect planting material from rotting and prevent mold from spreading. It is enough to apply it before planting with a thin layer on tubers and bulbs.

Powder applied on handles of garden stock - excellent protection against callosities. Not superfluous powder will be inside the rubber gloves. Hands in them will not become wet, and work in the garden or do the cleaning will be much more comfortable.

Baby powder is a great stain remover. It easily copes with grease stains, regardless of the type of fabric. The main thing in time to fill the stain and allow the powder to be absorbed. Wash things after processing in normal mode.

If books, cards, other paper products sent to the attic or in the basement are damp, just spray them on the sprinkler. The excess moisture will leave with an unpleasant smell, and the paper will not be damaged.

Love to walk barefoot has the flip side of the coin - wet sand stuck to the feet. Often it remains on the hands, especially in the summer.In order not to bring sand into the house, it is necessary to spray the powder over wet areas, and then to scrape it with sand.

Wand wand in the hands of an adult

Powder - a worthy alternative to dry shampoo. In order to "wash" the hair, it is enough to put powder on them, distribute it evenly, and after a few minutes comb it out. You can refresh separately the area of ​​bangs or parting. To do this, rub the powder in the hair roots, lightly massaging them.

Irreplaceable powder and when creating makeup. It can be the basis for the application of shadows or finish with the effect of matting powder. Applied to the eyelashes in front of the ink, it will provide a push up effect.

Use the powder to unravel the chain. It is enough to sprinkle links with talc and unsweetened nodules will be easily untied.

With the help of powder it is easy not only to eliminate the unpleasant smell from the shoes, but also to dry it. Use talc is also advisable for new shoes - due to the reduction of friction the probability of rubbing corn is reduced to a minimum.

In taking care of our smaller brothers

Having reached the walk, the four-legged friends do not always stay clean and dry.The powder in this case will serve not only as a shampoo and odor neutralizer, but will also help the dog or cat to dry faster. The main thing is not to stint and generously sprinkle the wool.

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