The master spread the mixture of gypsum and water to the consistency of sour cream. The result was a stunning decor.

  • Anonymous


  • I, too, art! To dip everything that got into plaster! Now, if they had fashioned! And so ... smacks of carcass (((

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Yes, funeral wreaths

  • eugene

    interesting and fresh flowers so you can decorate in a cast?

    • Eugenia, fresh flowers contain moisture, and gypsum will stretch this moisture and most likely the flowers will shrivel.

    • Irina

      You can, I saw in a Turkish house. The hostess is holding a flower shop. Those flowers that are not suitable for sale, plaster. Attached to the wall as a large panel from the ceiling to the floor. After drying, everything was covered with white meat paint from a spray bottle several times. Unusually beautiful !!!

  • Tatyana

    It's beautiful, but ... hmm ... how to say…. reminds a cemetery (

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the new knowledge !!!

  • Fedor

    So they are fragile and, therefore, short-lived.

  • Anonymous

    I beg the authors of the works to forgive my comment, but the impression is extremely painful, especially all sorts of roses. But the leaves with holes are very good.

  • Anonymous

    For strength, you can impregnate with a primer, then with an acrylic paint, a protective elastic film will be created. And why the association with the cemetery? Exquisite stucco decoration was previously used in homes everywhere. Vintage style will always be relevant.

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