The ideal mashed potatoes: 10 secrets of cooking

The ideal mashed potatoes are a gentle, airy dish, with a pleasant taste and creamy yellow color.In fact, it is mashed (ground) boiled potatoes. So what could be easier than preparing it? But still there are some secrets that you need to know to mash the perfect taste.

Secret # 1: check the starch content

To mash was tender and airy, choose potatoes for its preparation with a high content of starch. You can find out about the high starch content of potatoes in the usual folk method if you cut it in two halves. Rub them against each other. If there is a lot of starch, then they will stick together and will not decay even when you hold the top of one halve.

Secret number 2: which potatoes to choose

For mashed potatoes, young potatoes are not suitable, since there is not enough starch in it. It will be obtained with lumps, so stop your choice on old tubers.

Secret number 3: get rid of the unpleasant smell

Before peeling potatoes, be sure to rinse them well. Otherwise it will absorb the earthy smell. You will not be able to get rid of it, even if you later wash the peeled tubers well.

Secret number 4: cook immediately after cleaning

It is better to start cooking peeled potatoes immediately and not to leave them in cold water for a long time. This affects the taste of the dish, as the starch is washed away.

Secret number 5: when to lay and pickle potatoes

Putting potatoes is better in salted boiling water. So mashed potatoes will taste better. Someone does not salt the potatoes at all, or add them at the end of cooking. It's a matter of taste. If you start cooking it in cold water, then the top layer can boil faster, and the middle will remain moist. In addition, a part of the starch can pass into the water, respectively, and the taste of mashed potatoes will turn out different.

Secret number 6: how to cook

Pour enough water so that it lightly covers the potatoes. After a full boil, lower the heat and cook until done (minutes 20 - 25) with the lid closed.

Secret number 7: how to grind

So, when the potatoes are boiled, drain the water. Take out the usual tolkushku and start crushing it. Do not use a blender or food processor.It is clear that it is faster to cook, but this will make the mashed potatoes sticky and heavy.

Secret number 8: the sequence of bookmark products

First, knead the potatoes simply, without adding anything. Then, little by little, you should put the butter, it can not be sorry. Do not stop and continue to mash the potatoes. After the oil, add hot milk or cream, also in small portions. This reveals the taste of the dish. If you pour them cold, the mash will become sticky, and the color gray. Those who fast can use almond or soy milk.

Secret number 9: eat right away

Puree is not prepared for future use, it should be eaten immediately, hot.

Secret number 10: highlight dishes

Make mashed potatoes special. When boiling potatoes, you can add to it other vegetables, bay leaf, pepper. And during the dressing, put fried onions, bacon, nutmeg, chopped fresh herbs. For example, dill.

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