The girl wore a wedding ring for over a year, without even knowing it.

When it comes to the proposal of a hand and heart, Terry and Anna from Australia can put many behind the belt with their romantic story. Anna wore a wedding ring for more than a year without even knowing it.

Terry Cleaverly hid it in an ornament that madedo it yourselffor the beloved.

He made an unusual decoration of the Tasmanian pine to give it for the anniversary of their acquaintance.

“She really loved him”- Terry said in an interview. "I wore it every day, wherever we went and almost did not take it off"

He did not tell Anna what was hidden inside. She only discovered this a year later, when Terry was ready to ask a secret question.

The groom decided to do it in a cave in Scotland.“I chose this place because we often talked about visiting it from the moment we met and the name of the cave“Smoo”Comes from the Old Norse word and means“ hiding place ”. I thought that this should be doubly symbolic. ”says Terry.

“Before we began to descend into the cave, I asked if I could take its decoration to photograph it among the rocks. So I had the opportunity to open the jewelry with a knife. ",explained to Terry.

Then, when they entered the cave, he went down on one knee to ask if Anna was ready to marry him and holding out her hand showed what was actually hiding inside her jewelry for many months.

The most beautiful thing in the finale of this story, Anna, said: “Yes!”, Although there is a slight problem. “Now so that I don’t give her she tries to open it to find out what is hidden inside!” Said Terry.

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