The disadvantages and advantages of wearing braces on teeth

If you have not perfectly even teeth, you should not put up with it, because today there is a way to correct the situation and become the owner of a Hollywood smile. Learn all about braces and decide to install them!

What it is?

Treat them calmly

Braces - this is an odorant complex that is used in dental practice to correct the bite. This device consists of brackets (locks) that are attached directly to the teeth, as well as a power arc that connects the brackets and allows you to move your teeth in the right direction.

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing braces

To begin with, we list the advantages of wearing braces:

  • Such an installation will allow you to completely correct the bite and make your teeth beautiful and even, which will help get rid of the complexes and smile without a shadow of constraint. If you compare the photos of patients in dental clinics before wearing the system and after removing it, then make sure that the results are amazing.
  • Braces are set by the doctor, they are regulated by him.So the one who wears them is exempt from all duties. It is only important to visit the orthodontist once a month and follow his recommendations. You do not need to remove and put on the device, which is very important for many.

Now some cons:

  • Braces spoil the look. Actually this is not true. The fact is that some types of systems are invisible to others, so that the appearance can not be exactly affected.
  • Difficulty in caring for teeth. Yes, after the installation of braces, oral hygiene will become a bit complicated. But if you buy special tools (special toothbrushes for braces are sold) and practice a little, then no difficulties will arise.
  • Discomfort, pain. As the statistics show, they arise only in the first time. Then the person gets used to the system and completely forgets about it.

What are the braces?

Braces on the teeth are different. What to put and how to make a choice? Let us list a few important points.

Mounting method

There are two ways to attach braces to your teeth:

  • Vestibular braces attached to the front surface of the teeth. This option is the most common, but it has several disadvantages. First, such a system will be noticeable to everyone around.Secondly, the locks can damage the delicate mucous membranes of the inner sides of the lips.
  • Lingual braces surrounding are imperceptible, as they are attached to the teeth from the inside. Such a system will be, firstly, imperceptible to others, and secondly, more convenient.

There are also two ways to fasten staples to each other:

  • Classical systems (ligature). They have locks interconnected by so-called ligatures - elastic metal threads.
  • Self-ligating (unligated) braces are a system in which the arc is fixed with the help of special clips.



Today braces are made from a wide variety of materials. Each of them has its drawbacks and merits.

  • Metal braces are the most common, inexpensive and affordable. In addition, the system will be strong. Moreover, the metal is practically not subjected to friction, is not deformed and does not wear out, and this means that the period of wearing such a system will be shorter compared to others. In addition, the composition of the metal can be changed, which minimizes the risk of developing allergies. The only disadvantage of metal braces is their unattractive appearance.
  • Plastic systems on the teeth are less noticeable. This material is inexpensive.But on this dignity, perhaps, end. The disadvantages include low strength, change in qualities as they are worn, as well as the likelihood of staining with dyes contained in food. In addition, over time, plastic fades or turns yellow.
  • Ceramic braces on the teeth are unobtrusive and at the same time very durable. In addition, they will not stain or oxidize. But the price of such a system is very high. Friction will also be significant, which will increase the wearing time of the system. And there may be difficulties when removing such braces.
  • Sapphire braces, although made of artificially grown sapphires, are the most expensive. But on the teeth the system is invisible, durable and has a low percentage of friction, so the duration of treatment will not be too long. In addition, braces are not stained and are easily removed after correcting the bite, and also do not cause allergies.

How to install braces?

  1. If you decide to put braces, then you will need to contact an orthodontist. First of all, the doctor will prescribe you the treatment of all the diseased teeth, since the system can be installed only on completely healthy teeth (otherwise infections and other complications are possible).In some cases, wisdom teeth may need to be removed, as they may interfere with bite correction.
  2. Then the specialist will make copies of your teeth to make a system that will suit you.
  3. In about a week, your braces will be ready.
  4. The installation itself is absolutely painless and takes no more than 1-2 hours. Staples are attached to the teeth with a special harmless adhesive.

Wearing features

At first, wearing braces can cause discomfort and inconvenience, but after a week or two, the system will stop interfering, and that is how much time it usually takes to get used to. No action is required from you; you will only need to visit the doctor who will adjust the system every few weeks.

The dentist will choose the best option

Proper care is very important. It is better to purchase a special toothbrush. It is advisable to brush your teeth along with braces after each meal so that the leftover food is removed immediately.

How to wear braces? It depends on the characteristics of the bite and the human body, as well as on the particular system chosen. So the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor.The correction may take from 1-1.5 to 2-3 years.

How to shoot?

Removing braces consists of several stages:

  1. First, the arc that connects the locks to each other is removed.
  2. Then the locks themselves are removed one by one. They are glued to the teeth, so that to remove them you need to make some effort. The doctor uses a special tool, reminiscent of forceps, which captures the clamps and removes them. Such manipulations can cause discomfort or minor pain.
  3. Remains of the adhesive from the surface of the teeth will be removed by a special grinding machine. It is painless.

Issue price

The cost of installing braces will depend on the chosen material of the system. The system itself can cost from 200 to 500 dollars. Approximately in the same installation cost. The price of one orthodontist is on average 20-30 dollars (6 to 15 or more visits are required).

Can everyone wear braces?

Braces can not be worn by all. There are some contraindications:

  • some diseases of the gums and teeth (caries, parodotontosis, periodontitis);
  • diseases of the joints (temporomandibular), as well as the pathology of the structure of the temporomandibular joints;
  • allergic reactions to the materials of which braces are made;
  • the absence of a large number of teeth;
  • Some diseases of bone tissue, such as osteopathy, osteonecrosis, osteoparosis;
  • HIV;
  • oncological diseases;
  • tumors located in the oral cavity;
  • non-compliance with the rules of oral hygiene, inadequate care of teeth;
  • tuberculosis;
  • diseases of an autoimmune nature (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis, and some others);
  • certain blood disorders, such as anemia, leukimia, and hemophilia;
  • mental disorders and diseases: neurosis, paranoia, epilepsy, psychosis, schizophrenia, dementia;
  • alcoholism or drug addiction;
  • certain diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • the presence of implants in the oral cavity;
  • gnashing of teeth in sleep.

Weigh all the pros and cons, choose the best option and after a year enjoy your smart smile.

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