The designer received the task to strengthen the old house and created something incredible.

This project began as a result of the need to restore an old townhouse built of red brick. The house located in Vietnam practically did not differ from its neighbors before the alteration. The designers made an unexpected decision, choosing an external framework of concrete and white brick as a reinforcement for the structure.

In fact, the design is a kind of exoskeleton that surrounds the buildings from the side of the facades. The new building strengthens the old walls and obscures the open windows from prying eyes.

Among other things, the cocoon around the building performs a decorative function. It seems that the house is framed by beautiful lace lace. During the day, the sun's rays easily reach the windows, and in the evening the residents are provided with privacy.

Several windows still left open. In addition, a wide terrace and a gate leading to the building are framed in this technique.

In the internal space of the house is organized a small green area.Trees grow in the open air, receiving enough rainfall and sunlight.

For some, the house is associated with lace lace. To others it seems that he is enclosed in a cocoon.

The design fits perfectly into the interiors of the rooms. Thanks to her, the windows in the rooms were set to be panoramic.

All rooms have a lot of daylight. At the same time tenants are protected from unnecessary attention from passers-by.

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