The best sources of protein for a fitness diet

Many people like to eat red meat and its various derivatives. There is a wide variety of such foods - from steaks to hamburgers. Red meat (beef, pork, lamb) is a common ingredient in the diet of most people in Russia. However, protein can also be successfully found in other food sources.

Red meat is an excellent source of protein and a good source of iron. However, it also contains a high percentage of saturated fat. These fats lead to blood clots, clogged arteries, stroke, heart attacks, and so on. Read on and you will learn about several alternative beef substitutes that have the same nutritional benefits but without a high content of saturated fats.


Spinach is an excellent source of many nutrients. In particular, it may be a meat substitute due to its high iron content. While beef contains a higher level of iron than spinach,it is still very rich in iron compared to other vegetables. There are other important benefits of spinach!

Chicken breasts

The main alternative source of protein is chicken breasts. White meat is the lean part of poultry and provides an excellent ratio of protein and fat. However, dark chicken meat (legs, thighs) contains more iron than white. Include chicken fillet and skinless legs in your regular diet. You will find that chicken contains less calories and significantly less fat than beef.


Turkey is rich in protein and is a good source of iron. This is a very good alternative to beef and pork. Turkey also has a number of other health benefits, improves your mood, and even reduces cholesterol.

Soy Tofu

Tofu is a plant source of protein and is great for cooking because of its wide versatility. Tofu can be included in a number of different dishes and can be one of the best alternatives for meat. However, keep in mind that tofu is usually not a good source of iron.

The nuts

Another plant protein source is nuts.Eating nuts is a great way to get plenty of quality protein throughout the day. They also give you a lot of other nutrients. Avoid, however, excess consumption of nuts (almonds, cashews) as they contain many calories.

Protein Shakes

Proteins are dry mixes for making protein shakes. They contain very little fat and are usually produced by filtering natural milk, removing all fat and carbohydrates from it. For example, a serving of CytoSport Complete Whey Protein contains 20 grams of protein and only 2 grams of fat per serving. Such a drink can be applied not only to athletes, but also to all those who want to have a quality diet.

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