"Attraction" Fedor Bondarchuk: Is there life on Mars?

On January 26, the blockbuster Fyodor Bondarchuk "The Attraction" appeared on the screens. The film, which was announced as a story of opposition to an aggressive alien race and specific boys from Chertanovo, was not. “Attraction” first of all carries humanistic ideas, speaks about the problem of misunderstanding between people, about the ability to hear each other. But do not worry, no mentoring tone. This textbook with the rules of social ethics looks like a comic book.

The huge alien ship fell to the ground and plowed all of Chertanovo. Two hundred people died. News channels are bubbling, the military is mobilized. By the way, Bondarchuk, who made the movie definitely before Trump's victory, clearly had a premonition for it. When representatives of countries that spoke about the alien invasion were shown on TV, the current president of the United States flashed along with Putin and Merkel.

What to expect from an unknown flying object? No one knows yet.

"Attraction" Fedor Bondarchuk: Is there life on Mars?

"Attraction" Fedor Bondarchuk: Is there life on Mars?

"Attraction" Fedor Bondarchuk: Is there life on Mars?

The biggest oddity of the situation is that residents are not evacuated by force, although they offer to move to hotels. Brave Chertanovtsy remain in a small homeland. Something is being done for their safety: schoolchildren are being taken to classes in an armored personnel carrier, a curfew is imposed. However, the townspeople can admire from the windows of their houses on a giant alien ship, children hang out in the courtyards, the concert of Max Korzh has not been canceled, although they moved early.

At this time, vigorous, slightly extremist guys decide: it’s time to stand behind the ground and get these humanoids to go to hell. Here Bondarchuk showed what we read about in Prilepin's books: the moment of birth of the crowd, a terrible phenomenon, which in Russia is known firsthand. This is perhaps the most powerful, unexpected, most truthful place in the picture.

There are two mirror moments in the film (attention, spoiler!). The first is when a humanoid, similar to a streamlined transformer from a Hollywood franchise of the same name, turns into a much less intimidating, even cute character.The second is when a beast with a grinning mouth crawls out of a kid from Chertanov. And this is not about the duality of the world, but about the ability to be a man in any proposed circumstances. And when you don’t know what to say, it’s better to smile, as the high school girl Julia taught her friend humanoid.

Against the backdrop of a fantastic tale about aliens, a love story is developing. The present attraction of Fedor Bondarchuk is not between planets and civilizations, but between a young man and a girl.

Great work was done by young actors who were so pleased to see in the frame. Chertanovsky boy Artem - the main male role - played by Alexander Petrov with a Gagarin smile. Artists of the "Gogol Center" Eugene Sangadzhiev and Nikita Kukushkin (in a hat just like the artistic director of the Gogol Center Kirill Serebrennikov) - his team-mates. Remarkable Irina Staryshenbaum played the role of schoolgirl from the senior classes of Julia, thanks to the intervention of which the story with aliens ended with an uncertain, but still hope for the future.

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