The Area Of This Lodge Is 27 Square Meters Total. But Just Look At Its Interior!

  • mossel

    Wonderful house) the only question is: how can you 《relax under an invigorating shower?


    Nice house, but filmed as always - CHOROM!

  • Bogdan

    sewage how does it work? tell me> <

  • Minnura

    Excellent ! How much it costs?

  • Anonymous

    I would not want to live in such a house

  • Anonymous

    Not enough 3 bears and Masha ...

  • Anonymous

    Miracle! I always dreamed of such. If I were made such a gift ... I am grateful to you that I can look and be happy for others

  • Lydia

    Three years ago I rested exactly in the same tourist house on the Istra Reservoir near Moscow

  • Anonymous

    1. how the water supply is arranged is not clear.
    2. The house is heated by electricity (electric radiators) - not very comfortable from such heat
    3. From the street we go into the living room. Straight in a fur coat and felt boots, in the American manner? Not ice.

  • Anonymous

    An open staircase above the cutting table .... this is a flaw !!!

  • Anonymous

    this is not a house for living is a country house (cottage).

  • A summer, uninsulated dacha ... It was possible not to use a log for this — it's expensive ... to do with skeleton technology ...

  • Anonymous

    only a log house will cost a million

  • Elena

    Why take information from foreign sites, if we have a lot of such houses? With different layouts and areas. Elementary search for a query from a log house will give a lot of links.

  • Valentine

    This is not a house - teremok!

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