Telescopic storage system: save space in the house

When someone comes up with a great idea, it needs to be realized at all costs! Fortunately, the authors of this idea could bring their own to production and present to the masses. An intelligent storage system based on the telescopic container layout principle was developed by Botto. Each cover is a one-way valve. When extending a new container, the excess air is removed from the previous one.

The system maintains the freshness of the products and ensures their optimal storage. If necessary, the dimensions of the container can be changed. Transparent walls allow you to see the entire contents.

The height of the container is adjusted according to the number of products placed in it. Therefore, the entire shelf space is used in the most optimal way.

Today, many storage containers are on sale.But even if you find a separate place for each type of product, the disorder can not always be avoided. When a product is used, an empty space remains in the container. It is unlikely that you will each time shift food in a smaller container.

Botto system is regulated. This means that you can change the size of each compartment, each time the amount of content changes. Containers are stable and take up much less space on the shelves.

Removal of excess air occurs by ordinary pressing the lid.

The device received an award in the field of industrial design at the exhibition of household goods in 2018, beating all competitors in its category.

This product helps to save space by offering a fundamentally new way of storage.

Laconic design fits into almost any interior. Botto can be used not only in the kitchen, but also for storing any small items.

The total storage capacity of a single container is calculated on the standard packaging used for the packaging of food products. As you use, the bank is reduced in size.

With this system, you no longer have to store the remains of products in packages and use them first.

Botto is convenient to take on trips when there is an urgent need to save space.

Containers are ideal for storing sliced ​​foods in the refrigerator. A one-way valve prevents odors from entering the container, and the products retain their freshness longer.

You can organize the storage system in the kitchen drawer of any height. Very often in high cabinets remains free space at the top. Place several containers on top of each other to use all the free space.

Transparent walls of containers allow you to see their contents. And although the system was originally designed for the kitchen, the manufacturer claims that it will be useful throughout the house. It is convenient to store small stationery, sewing accessories, handicraft materials, small toys in containers.

Useful invention will appreciate all members of your family. In the manufacture of these containers is not used toxic materials. Polypropylene, from which the walls of the glasses are made, does not absorb odors and does not enter into a chemical reaction with the contents. Silicone covers provide airtightness.The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on their products.

Today, the main production of Botto is located in China, but the product meets the highest requirements of American quality standards. In 2018, Botto plan to submit to the mass consumer.

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