T-shirt and t-shirt with their own hands: 9 simple workshops on the photo

Each person has such things in the closet that they no longer want to wear, but it is a pity to throw them out. And what to do in this case? We offer you 9 workshops, how to extend T-shirts life and change them beyond recognition.

Bright poppies

White T-shirts will always be in fashion, but sometimes you want diversity. Bright red poppies will not only decorate a familiar white T-shirt, but also lift your spirits on cloudy days.

You will understand:

  • a piece of cloth (chiffon, tulle or satin)
  • paper petal shapes
  • thread with a needle (if there is no sewing machine)
  • textile paints
  • pencil

We proceed to the manufacture of:

1. Transfer the petals to the fabric.

2. Sew through the petals and cut the thread.

3. Sew the petals together at the base.

4. With the help of textile paints, draw on the T-shirt stems.

5. Sew on poppies.

Elegant T-shirt

An elegant T-shirt is easy to make from a regular T-shirt.

1. Cut the edges of the T-shirt according to the intended layout.

2. Cut the t-shirt straps and tie it on one side.

Crop top shirt

A stylish crop top can be made from your shirt in minutes.

1. Cut the shape as shown on the photo.

2. Tighten and sew the cut.

3. Cut out the shapes from the sleeves as in the photo and sew them separately.

4. Sew the straps to the crop top.

T-shirt with downcast shoulders

T-shirt with pompoms

You will need:

  • White T-shirt
  • pompoms
  • a sticker for clothes in the form of a girl (or you can paint with textile paints)

T-shirt with sequins

You will need:

  • T-shirt
  • Golden or silvery sequins (they need to be sewn as close as possible to each other)
  • thread and needle

T-shirt with lace

Wide t-shirt for dancing

You will need:

  • T-shirt
  • 2 strips of black material or suede
  • scissors
  • needle with thread

1. Fold the fabric in half and make cuts along the entire length.

2. Cut the T-shirt at the seams and sew the black fringe.

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