Surface Decor in the Technique of “Spot Painting”

Dot painting is the easiest way to decorate various surfaces and products, which does not require expensive materials and professional artistic skills. In this master class, the palettes for face sculpting with the help of translation of the finished drawing are considered.

For this you need:

1. Acrylic contour universal or for glass. 2. Surface for decoration. 3. Nail polish remover or alcohol. 4. Cotton pad or cloth. 5. Printed drawing. 6. Ball pen. 7. Transparent glossy acrylic lacquer. 8. Paint Brush. 9. Mel.
Decor dot painting
The object for the decor in this master class is a palette for facial sculpture.
Decor dot painting
Before starting work, the surface must be degreased with alcohol or varnish remover and a cotton pad or napkin. Decor dot pattern
This is necessary to improve the adhesion of paint and varnish to the surface.
 Decor dot painting
After the surface is completely dry, you can begin to transfer drawing. It is best to print some outline pattern.
 Decor dot painting
Since the surface is black, you need to transfer the picture with chalk.
 Decor dot painting On light surfaces, you can do the transfer with a pencil or copy paper. The picture on the reverse side should be completely painted with chalk and pressed it to the surface.
 Decor dot painting
Then use a pen or pencil to draw all the contours.
Decor painting
The result should be a white print. Now this print must be filled with an acrylic contour.  Decoration Point Painting
The main secret of the technique is that the points in one line should be the same size and be at the same distance from each other.
Decoration painted
 Decoration Point Painting When the drawing is moved, acrylic paint should be dried well in accordance with the instructions, because each manufacturer has its own drying time.
Decor point painting
After the paint dries completely, the surface must be re-degreased and the chalk residues removed.  Decoration Point Painting
Decoration Point Painting
To finish the whole surface you need to fix it with lacquer.
 The decor is dottedpainting
In this case, it is recommended to use a transparent glossy acrylic varnish.
 Decor dot painting
After complete drying of the varnish the work is completed and such a palette, in addition to its main function, will serve as an excellent element of decor on your perfume table. With this technique you can decorate any surfaces, and you can use not one, but several acrylic colors in your work Contours. Good luck in the works!
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