Super Fast Microwave Chips

Suddenly I wanted crispy chips, but I don’t want to go to the store? I bet I will cook chips faster than you go to the store for the purchased ones? Don't you believe? I will make super fast chips in the microwave in less than 10 minutes! So, the advantages of such potato chips:
  • Useful, as there are no synthetic and non-natural food additives.
  • Cheap? about 25 times cheaper than usual!
  • Very tasty, despite the fact that only 3 ingredients are needed.
  • Incredibly crispy.
  • Well, finally, super fast! They can be cooked in just 10 minutes starting from slicing potatoes and ending with getting the finished product.


We will need:
  • Potatoes, costs from 10 to 55 rubles. per kg The average value of 30 rubles / kg.
  • Vegetable oil, we need it so little that its price can be neglected. We will symbolically count as 3 rubles.
  • Salt, micro pinching, at the price of less than 1 rub.
Total:we will have 34 rubles per 1 kg, in the store such a number of chips will cost about 880 rubles. Divide 880 by 34 and we get 25.8823.Consequently, our chips are 25 times cheaper than those purchased.
Super Fast Chips

Cooking potato chips in a microwave oven

Enough math, get to practice! Let's do one batch. We clean the potato tuber.
Super Fast Chips
Cut it into a potato peeler. Thanks to this, the chips will be very thin.
Super Fast Chips
Take an A4 sheet of paper and a ruler.
Super Fast Chips
Bend the paper into an accordion. The distance between the bends is 1 cm.
Super Fast Chips
Put in the microwave.
Super Fast Chips
Pour some butter into a plate and add salt to taste.
Super Fast Chips
We smear the slices of potatoes from both sides. We put them on paper.
Super Fast Chips
Set the microwave timer for 1-2 minutes. The furnace capacity is maximum.
Super Fast Chips
Now you need to flip the chips.And again turn on the microwave for 2-3 minutes.
Super Fast Chips
Pull out the finished product.
Super Fast Chips
Super fast chips
Many use a plate instead of paper, but so cooking time increases by 3-5 times, chips become less crunchy. For different microwave power, the time may differ.
You can change the formula yourself to add dill, onions or any other seasonings to taste. Bon appetit.
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