Stylish bed: how to make the headboard?

The interior is really cozy when it is individual. Indoors, everything must correspond to the tastes of its inhabitants, bring pleasant associations and create a relaxing atmosphere. It is easy to achieve this: add designer furniture to your own. Designers of the Kiev furniture studio "Interia" will share with you some original ideas for the design of the back and the space behind it!

Effective solutions for the design of the head of the bed

Models with a soft back - the absolute trend of the new season. They are comfortable, original, multifunctional - they can be conveniently located for reading newspapers, books, watching TV. The Interia furniture catalog contains many interesting options: the ultra-soft Wave model, the Manta extended headboard version, the intricate Butterfly, etc. But how to make them even more original?

Here are some ideas for decorating the headboard in a unique style:

  • a large photo frame for several photos in the same style as the bed;
  • additional natural wood headboard several tones darker than furniture upholstery;
  • screen behind the head of the bed.

These non-trivial options will emphasize the luxurious look of furniture with a high soft back and give the interior a note of individuality. Thus, a nautical-style photo frame perfectly complements the Marine model. A wooden headboard 10 to 15 cm wider and significantly higher than the back of the bed Deseo or Web will bring a touch of luxury and elegance to the interior. Forged, patterned screen ideally set off the classic style of the model Aster.

Some more original ideas

Directly above the furniture with a high back you can install a shelf of small width. Place candles, decor items, memorable souvenirs on it - everything that will lighten your mood and set you on rest. If the bed does not have a high backrest, decorate the space above it with a wide panel, a vertical row of paintings or photographs.

In the Interia catalog there are a lot of models with an expanded back (Caesar, Belmondo, etc.).This original design element can be emphasized by installing side tables, tables, and shelves on the sides. This is not only stylish, but also very convenient: they will help you keep everything you need in your vicinity, keep a glass of water, an alarm clock, a telephone, a press, etc. at hand.

The stylish beds of the Ukrainian brand Interia will be an elegant solution for bedrooms in any style - from classic to ultramodern All products meet the latest fashion trends and European quality standards (based on designs made of precious wood). Even the most demanding customers will not be able to choose a model to your taste!

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