Status in social networks: what he says about relationships

This applies to the topic of personal life. Have you got a passionate romance? So leave him a passionate and unequivocal comment under a bare-chested photo. Are you actively flirting with a promising candidate? So make sure that he likes all your photos, otherwise the candidate will not seem so interested.

Did you go on 37 dates and even keep a toothbrush and pads on his shelf? Immediately lay out a joint photo, you can not like a passport, but from a distance, against the sun and with the presence of a light puzzle

Have you met your parents and are going to start a dog? It's time to write in the profile that you are in a relationship, add his mom and sister as a friend, and at the same time regularly like his best friends and their daily festivals. And so on ad infinitum, until you have spent all the statuses: “Married”, “Firstborn Appeared” and further on the list.

Status in social networks: what he says about relationships

Again, being in a relationship and at the same time being present in all these social networks, you invisibly acquire one more “marital duty”: to pay attention to each other on the Internet.Someone likes the boyfriend to post songs on the wall and certainly pleased you with a personal publication for his birthday (even if he had already "reported" in the morning with a more weighty gift), someone singles out this as another facet of intellectual interaction in the pair and notes each other in the comments under the "smart" articles or sends links to high-quality films.

Tastes, as well as the dynamics of personal relationships, do not argue, but no one bothers us to discuss them. And in networks, very often these very real relationships are reflected in virtual activities as in a mirror. The jealous urgently need to remove all the former ones and remove the same photograph from Halloween in 2004, where his teeth are blackened with a black marker, and the traces of the cocktail in his hair.

And sometimes they reach "disassembly according to the likes": why did I sign up for a porn star and why did I suddenly decide to put a smiley in the post of that painted fool?

And the newly introduced hearts on Facebook should raise a lot of questions at all, because a heart is a recognition of sympathy, and you can't put it to anyone!

We kind of like taught in school a proverb that a person can not be judged by clothes and words, and then grew up, bought themselves expensive smartphones and now we judge the people around not so much by words - by smiles and hearts.The standard “He doesn’t write to me, but was two hours ago online” develops into a threat of separation, his lack of your joint photos “smacks” with cold and indifference in relationships, and the number of likes on the pages of other girls undoubtedly reveals how much he is a dog and how disgustingly pretending to be good.

Status in social networks: what he says about relationships

According to marital status, we accurately determine the seriousness of the relationship and the presence of the option “What if he is with her for a while and you can flirt a little?”. It is written “Without a pair” - it means that they say, “the client has matured” and you can safely go on the attack, but with a clear understanding that not only you saw this attractive status. It is "In Love", but in whom - is not clear? Hence, theoretically it is possible to flirt. On the topic “It Meets” you can draw a variety of conclusions: yes, the candidate is not alone, but it is unlikely for now that it is so serious that ... do not like him the whole wall “in a friendly way”. After all, Facebook is about friends, and friends are cool.

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