Solar oven with own hands

Do-it-yourself solar oven
I made this solar oven for a school project, and here are my results and information about its construction in stages.

1. What is a solar oven?

Do-it-yourself solar oven
The solar oven, unlike the ordinary one, is heated by solar thermal energy. Solar ovens can be used for heating food, cooking, or pasteurization of beverages. There are several types of solar ovens, for example: conventional solar ovens, solar panels and parabolic solar ovens. They were first invented in 1767 and are still used in parts of Africa, India and China. Then I will talk about building such a furnace with my own hands, its advantages and disadvantages.

2. The advantages of a solar oven

The solar oven has visible advantages. First, they do not absorb electricity.This can save some money. Also, solar ovens can be used regardless of location. Secondly, such devices do not cause damage to the environment, since they do not require the use of electricity.

3. Limitations and Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of a solar oven is that the heating temperature will depend on the design and amount of sunlight. Therefore, on an overcast day you should not use it - the temperature will not reach the required mark. In addition, the weather affects her work. In a thunderstorm or snow, the efficiency of using a solar oven will be significantly reduced. And finally, the most unpleasant fact is that if the solar furnace is not properly built, it can quickly break down, or worse, cause burns.

4. The manufacturing process

To create my own solar oven, I first read the instructions on the Internet to prevent mistakes. The first thing I did was spray black paint to attract heat inside a regular box for attracting heat and solar energy. Then I took another box, cut out four identical squares from it and pasted reflective paper (you can use foil).It remains to glue these panels to the top of the main box. Next, I installed a solar oven using a metal table and put a silver frying pan in it. Also put there a thermometer, safe for the furnace. I slightly tilted the reflective panels to the center was the hottest point. Now it's time to cook some fried eggs. I broke an egg in a pan and closed the upper part of the oven, which consists of four panels. Also, close the oven tightly with food film. Thus, the heat inside the box will remain and allow you to cook.

5. Materials

  • Scotch.
  • Reflective sheets (foil).
  • Several cardboard boxes.
  • Metal pan or frying pan.
  • Metal table.
  • A can of black paint.
  • Food film.
  • Thermometer.
  • Egg.
  • Scissors.
  • Stationery knife .
Do-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar oven

7.Photos of the process of the invention

Do-it-yourself solar ovenSolar oven with own handsDo-it-yourself solar ovenSolar oven with own handsDo-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar oven

8. Photos of the cooking process

Do-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar ovenDo-it-yourself solar oven

9. To summarize.

At 12:15 pm I started cooking scrambled eggs. I did not pay attention to the temperature on the thermometer, but at that moment it was about 15 Celsius, it was overcast. I put the solar oven in the sun and made sure that the reflective panels were also sent there. At 15:31 the temperature in the oven was 65 ° Celsius and did not rise higher, so the egg was not fully fried. In conclusion, I can not saythat the result of this project was successful. I will try to slightly change the design of my oven, for example, you can replace the food film with a piece of ordinary glass or organic (Plexiglas). Because the food film could go away in some places. In addition, for my experiment, I chose a not-so-good day - there was no direct sunlight due to clouds.
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