Felting in our time is becoming quite a popular type of needlework. From non-spun wool masters manage to roll everything: souvenirs, toys, fabrics, felt boots, slippers, jewelry items and many other things. Today I want to tell you about how you can make a beautiful, useful and original thing "Soap." In order to start the manufacturing process it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials and tools:
  • non-spun wool in different colors;
  • a bar of soap;
  • needle for felting;
  • hot water;
  • liquid soap;
  • film with pimples.
  • a towel or napkins.
 materials and tools
Materials are prepared and you can get to work. First of all, we take a piece of soap and put it on film.  soap Then we start laying the pieces of non-spun wool from above.
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