Small cards

The most beloved first spring holiday of all women is March 8th. After tiring, long and frosty winter evenings, we seem to be moving into a spring fairytale filled with green blossoms, bright inflorescences of trees and bushes, and the most important thing is the spring and bright holiday of March 8. On this holiday, not only men congratulate their women, but also women themselves give each other gifts. Men by themselves buy beautiful and bright bouquets of flowers, all sorts of gifts to their taste and taste of the woman they love, and now women give each other some nice little things, most importantly, that they should be from the heart and not deprive anyone of their attention. Well, even think for a moment what it could be, to be at least minimally, and to congratulate all your girlfriends, sisters and everyone your soul desires, so much so that also remains a long memory. The most optimal gift, and even with congratulations, is, of course, a postcard. If you plan to congratulate many, it can be small, even mini-postcards, which can also be made with your own hands, which will be doubly pleasant and remembered for many years.It is this master class that will teach us how to make such small souvenir cards, and scrapbooking will help us in this. For this we will need to take: • Bright colors of thick cardboard: red, blue, yellow, orange and red; • Scrapbooking paper in the same color scheme; • • Pictures cute little animals with flowers: bears, bunnies, etc .; • Watercolor paper; • • Narrow rep ribbons of pink, beige, green and purple colors; • • Hydrangea paper flowers; • • Polymer. roses, daisies; • Cut out flowers; • Acrylic stamp “From March 8”; • Dark pink ink; • Half-pearls in pastel colors; • Figured acrylic strains s; teddy bear with flowers, flowers, little corners; • Pink and white stamens, simple nacre and in sugar; • • Curb hole punch; • • Glue gun; • • Scissors, ruler, pencil; • Double-sided tape; • Sewing machine.
 Small cards
 Small Postcards
First of all, we need to prepare cardboards from the basics of postcards.We take cardboard and cut five rectangles of 10.5 * 13 cm.
 will need to take
will need to be taken
We divide each in half, draw the bend lines and get the bases 6.5 * 10.5 cm.
 prepare from cardboard
 zag pick from cardboard
Now, from scrapbook for each workpiece, we cut out two rectangles of 6 * 10 cm from scrapbook for each workpiece. Accordingly, we try on the basics.
 make out rectangles
 decorate rectangles
From watercolor paper and scrapbook paper, decorate rectangles for the inner inscription of a postcard, we also get five 6 * 10 cm rectangles. We decorate with openwork stripes and some outdoor postcard rectangles.
 outdoor rectangles of the postcard
Cut the pictures round and tint the edges with the ink pad. Cut out strips of 8 cm from rep ribbons. On watercolor paper we make stamping of the inscription "March 8".
cut out round
 do tint edges
Cut out 5 labels and also do tint edges. We glue pictures, tapes and inscriptions with double-sided tape to each rectangle. We sew on the typewriter the whole decor.
 Inside we glue the base
 Small Postcards
Inside we glue the base for inscriptions, as well as outside the base we glue scrap rectangles.
Small cards
 Small cards
Sew on the base. Now we make decoration stamps inside and on the front of the postcard.
 Small postcards
 Small postcards
We bind the bows, curl the bunches of stamens and decorate each postcard.
 Small postcards
Small postcards
It turned out so pretty and very beautiful greeting cards tests Thank you all!
Small cards
 Small cards

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