Sleeping in the fridge? Rotaru, 70, looks perfect

At the anniversary evening in Baku, the singer struck fans with beauty and youth.

Today, July 28, the second day of the international festival "Heat" was held in the capital of Azerbaijan. The heroine of the evening was the singer Sophia Rotaru, who will turn 70 in early August. On this occasion, she gathered on the same stage colleagues who have sung her most popular hits. It turned out very well. True, not without scandals. So, Natalya Ionova-Chistyakova miraculously defended her favorite track from the repertoire of Rotaru "Luna", which was claimed by other artists, and later even acquired the rights to perform it in her own solo concerts. She is thinking of buying a song from the birthday and singer Valeria. She sang the hit “Do not call sadness” in a modern arrangement, and she liked the sound so much that the wife of Joseph Prigogine was now considering incorporating this track into her new album.

Sophia Rotaru at the festival "Heat"
Photo: Sergey Jevahashvili

But I would like to say a few words about the main character of the evening, Sofia Mikhailovna. She arrived in Baku yesterday. And not one, but with a son, daughter in law and granddaughter. At the airport, they were met by the host of the festival, Emin Agalarov. Everyone was waiting for Rotaru on the red carpet before the event, but alas. The star chose not to communicate with journalists, but immediately go on stage to the audience. But when she appeared in the hall guests of the festival gasped. The actress looks simply amazing: there are no wrinkles on her face, her hair, as always, is perfectly styled, and the figure is just a dream of all women! It was impossible not to note her incredible energy during her speech, it was impossible to look away from Sofia Mikhailovna. What is her secret?

“When I see your smiles, I hear your applause, I immediately feel young and vigorous,” answered viewers to the compliments in her address to Rotaru.

Sofia Rotaru
Photo: Sergey Jevahashvili

The “Heat” festival, organized by businessman and musician Emin Agalarov, was first held in 2016 and immediately received the status of the most anticipated and discussed summer event.Given the size of the audience, it has become the largest music event in the CIS countries. Last year alone, the festival gathered more than 60 of the most popular artists, 10 thousand viewers and more than 150 million TV viewers in Russia and the CIS. This year, the program may find an even greater response. Tomorrow, by the way, Alla Pugacheva’s creative evening is expected, and the day after tomorrow - Grigory Leps.

Photo report from the opening of the festivalsee HERE.

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