Sleeping baby doll

I want to offer you the manufacture of a sleeping baby doll. It is very easy to do it, you can safely take up the work of those who have not done the soft toy. The main thing in this case is to choose the right material, namely - fleece. The fabric will go on it a little, it’s enough to cut 30/100. In this case, your baby doll will be slightly smaller than a newborn baby - 38 cm.
Increase the pattern to the size so that the head from ear to ear is 16 cm, then the doll will turn 38 .
 Increase the pattern to the size
Attach the pattern to the fabric, fix with needles and cut with a seam allowance. Pencil circle around will not work. Since the fleece fabric is soft, loose and fleece. When cutting, be sure to take into account the direction of the shared thread, so that later on the body parts of our baby will not warp.
Attach the pattern to the fabric
Start sewing from the body and head.In your head, first gouge all the cuts, then stitch along the contour, leaving a small hole on the crown for filling with holofiber. Do not be afraid to use safety pins to make a note, it is very convenient, you can scribble on them. First stitch the back on the least rounded part, then sweep the pins to the front and sew it too.
 Start sewing from the body and head
Do the same with the cut parts of the arms and legs. Before turning out, make notches along the contours of all parts, this is important.
make notches along the contours
Turn out all the details, to do this, make cuts in your hands and feet from the intended inside. When you fill them with holofiber or synthetic winterizer, carefully sew them, they will not be visible in the finished product.
fill them with holofiber
Hands and legs shape the pattern. Where the point - there tighten with a nodule.Where is the fold, pull up the thread in tone. The fingers are made in the same way, through the detail are tightened.
 mark the face with pins
Ears form with a conventional seam in a circle forward with a needle. Then mark the face with pins. Since it is a sleeping baby doll, it is not necessary to sew eyes on it, it is enough to glue the eyelashes. They can either be bought ready-made or made from narrow satin ribbons. To do this, cut 6 cm of the ribbon for the two eyelashes, then cut from one side of the compacted part of the tape and remove the silk fibers almost to the end. Leave 1 mm for sizing. Embroider the mouth, shape the spout with the help of an extension. Powder the nose and cheeks with pink powder, and sew the hairs on the crown with a small tuft. I have them from Kanekalon, but you can do with any thread to match the eyelashes. Then fluff them all over the head and glue the moment-crystal around the gel glue.
person dolls
 insert a cardboard tube
Insert a cardboard tube in the neck, wrapped in a sintepon and fixed with threads. Wind the upper fabric of the neck tightly around the tube so that the fixation is tight.
Sew on the head of the doll
Make a cross-shaped incision at the bottom of the head, leaving a seam in front of the chin. Attach the head, pre-scissors by making a recess inside. Sew it with a hidden seam. Such a head will never fall off.
Sew hands
Sew your hands.
legs stretched along the body
Legs should be applied to the body before sewing. I offer three options. Baby doll sits.
Baby Dolls sits
A baby doll lies with its legs stretched along its body.
Baby is lying
One leg is higher than the other . Pose of the kid swinging legs. But then you need to make your eyes open. Let us dwell on the first option.
panties or pampers
We will wear it in panties or diapers, socks and a cap. I propose to tie it in a typewriter, but you can also use your hands. We knit socks for 35 loops 35 rows of acrylic yarn 500 m per 100 g of ordinary hosiery.The effect of twisting the cloth here plays into our hands.
panties or pampers
We pull up one piece a little, and we sew a seam on a typewriter, pre-pinned the edges.
cap for baby doll
Knit and knit cap and knit the same way, type 80 loops, knit 48 rows. Hat at the top of a string. And we first put on the panties, and then sew up the twisting edge.
 Sleeping baby doll
Baby doll is ready. You can put in the crib.
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