Skyscraper city. Incredible shots of high-rise through the eyes of the photographer

An integral part and business card of Hong Kong (China) are skyscrapers. Due to the small territory and dense population of the country, many thousands of skyscrapers are built on a small area, one of which is breathtaking. Photographer Peter Stewart () loves to take photographs of big cities, but Hong Kong just conquered it: high-rise skyscrapers, reaching far into the sky, form the correct geometric shapes and look at the photographs just amazing! Photos of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong fascinate, attract the eye and make you look at each photo for a long time.

Wah Fu Estate. Pok Phu Lam, Hong Kong Island. Tin Mansion Chuck. Ting Shui Wai Pat Tat Sun Chuen Kowloon Bay, Kowloon. Jardins sun yick Ping Shek Estate. Wong Tai Sin Montagne Mansion. Quarry bay Beverly Gardens. Ceun Kwan O Montagne Mansion. Quarry bay Ton Hang. Ting Shui Wai Beverly Gardens. Ceun Kwan O Bedford Gardens. North point Kwa Wang. Kowloon Lai Tak Tsuen Estate. Tai Hang

Shek Kip Mei Estate. Sul Do Patan Choi Hung Estate. Wong Tai Sin The building of Yika Chong.

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