A simple brush with a metal bristle

Many masters consider the presence of such a brush a relic of the past, preferring modern tools. However, this expert understands the real advantages of such a product, and always keeps it at hand. For some operations, brushes with specific parameters of both the form itself and the bristle are needed. Therefore, it is very often possible to see that the masters in the tool are as far as such products.

The advantages of brushes with metal bristles

These brushes have certain advantages even over modern tools:
  • low cost and ease of self-production;
  • low weight, allowing for long-term operations;
  • does not require mains power and does not need batteries;
  • does not take up much space;
  • allows you to work in hard-to-reach places.
Today such brushes are found in stores very rarely. However, their value is higher than the real one. Therefore, experienced masters prefer to make such a tool on their own.This allows you to select a specific type of bristles, set its density, the length of the villi and the shape of the handle. It needs to do a small block of wood, metal cable desired rigidity and metal plate

Making brush

To begin with, we need a piece of wood
Brush with metal bristles
Any type of wood is suitable, but solid varieties are preferred. We apply markings on the bar, outlining the dimensions of the handle. From the other edge of the workpiece mark the holes for the installation of bristles. They must be an even number, since we will use pairs. Important! Before proceeding, it is recommended that you create a workpiece sketch in the size 1: 1. If you have an old tool of this type, as the basis of its size, you can use
Brush with metal bristles
In the next step, drill holes in the markings and grind the handle. We use a drill and a grinding machine for this. Important! The diameter of the drill must match the diameter of the wire used for the bristle. Brush with metal bristles
Brush with metal bristles Bristles will be made of wire. We need to cut it into equal parts, according to the number corresponding to half of the holes. The length of the segment should be two lengths of bristles + 3 cm. Example! If you want to get a brush with a bristle of 2 cm, then the length of the length of the cable should be 7 cm. >>
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