Should I diet? We ask nutritionists and doctors

“No diet at all, in principle, does not work. I don’t know what kind of “scientists” they are talking about and what kind of “benefits” they found in low-calorie diets. On a low-calorie diet (less than 900 kcal per day), the extinction of brain activity is inevitable. The question is what you consume. If your current diet is made up of industrial products containing a lot of empty calories, such as sugar, butter, hyper-processed white flour, etc., then by reducing their consumption, you will, of course, reduce the amount of kilojoules consumed per day. And if, instead of “food debris,” fill your diet with whole foods of plant origin, such a change would be beneficial not only for the figure, but also for health in general. In all other cases, low-calorie diets, as in general in principle, any diets based on any restrictions do not work, and in the future will only lead to compensation for the weight lost.

With low-carb (and low-calorie diet is just that) diets, the body is under severe stress, and fat cells, in order to maintain the normal functioning of all organs, change their structure and become larger. Increases with them and the fat layer.

No matter how you control yourself, believe me, at some point, the instinct of self-preservation doubly compensates for all losses. Any restriction is fraught with eating, often not the most useful products, which, of course, will also have an impact on weight, and it is simply impossible to get rid of the kilos gathered during the breakdown period. And the more such cycles in a person’s life, the greater the weight and the worse health, both physical and psychological. ”

Date: 08.10.2018, 12:40 / Views: 53453

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