Shopping Bag with Matryoshka

Shopping Bag with Matryoshkais a simple shopping bag, the perfect choice for beginning craftswomen. Bags in this style can be decorated with almost any embroidery.


Step 1

Cut out the design flap and the fabric that goes to the back of the bag, the details are the size of 34x45 cm. Cut the top edges of both parts by double-folding them 1 cm towards the wrong side. Secure with pins and stitch the bends on the machine.

Fold the two fabric pieces facing each other and fasten with pins along the rough sides. Now, stitch the parts with a machine about 2 cm from the edges of the fabric. This will form the base of the bag and give it a rectangular shape.

For the manufacture of bag handles, cut two strips of size 5x70cm from the selected fabric   Fold them 1 cm inwards along the long sides and smooth out. Now fold the strips in half on the long side, fasten with pins and stitch on the machine.

Sew the handles to the inside of the bag. Now turn the bag on the face. She's ready.For decoration, you can sew decorative buttons or leave the bag as it is, so that the embroidery will appear by itself in all its glory.

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