Sensitive microphone for computer

The simplest computer microphone is a Chinese capsule connected to the input. This cap microphone is also powered by the input of the computer. It consists of a capacitor microphone with an amplifier on a field-effect transistor. The sensitivity of such a capsule is sometimes not enough, you have to bring it close to your face so that the sound level is normal. on one transistor. Such a scheme can modify the existing computer headset, or make an additional microphone in the case, say, from a syringe. Or even simply shrink with heat shrinkage. There should be no problems in finding capsules: they are used almost everywhere in phones, headsets, Chinese cassette recorders, etc. The circuit is powered by the computer input and you do not need an additional power source.

To build a sensitive microphone circuit, we need:

1. Transistor BC547 or KT3102, you can try KT315. 2.Resistors R1 and R2 nominal 1 kOhm. To increase the sensitivity of the R1 under the primer, with a nominal value of 0.5 - 10 kΩ. 4. Disk ceramic capacitor with a nominal value of 100-300 pF. It can be omitted if initially there are no “spikes” or excitations of the amplifier. 5. Electrolytic capacitor 5-100 microfarad (6.3 -16 V).
Sensitive microphone for a computer
First of all, we will determine the polarity of the microphone-capsule connection. This is done simple: the minus is always connected to the body. Then we assemble the circuit, at least by mounting, at least on a mini-board. All sensitivity of the preamplifier will depend on the gain of the transistor and the selected resistor R1. Usually the amplifier is assembled and working immediately, its sensitivity should be enough with a margin. The recording was made on the capsule without a preamplifier circuit.
Sensitive microphone for a computer
The recording was made on the cap from the preamplifier circuit.
Sensitive microphone for computer
The difference can be seen with the naked eye. Now it is not necessary to hang the microphone around your neck and shout at it.You can completely put it on the table and talk without any extra effort. Well, if the sensitivity turns out to be too big, you can always reduce it with settings in the operating system.

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