Secrets of the magical Taoist massage

Energy is a very delicate matter, and if a person misuses his powers, does not follow his own way of life, does not develop spiritually, it leaves. As a result, depression, depression, apathy and other unpleasant manifestations interfere with enjoying life. In Chinese philosophy, there is the concept of Tao, which implies the path of truth by which all people must come. After all, this path leads to enlightenment and spiritual enrichment.

For several centuries, the followers of Tao have thoroughly studied the possibilities of the human body, the characteristics of its structure and functioning, as well as factors that may affect the functioning of the organism. In this way, unique massage techniques have been developed, which are known throughout the world.

Energy and health

Taoist massage carries the healing energy of Qi, which affects primarily the human energy field. It helps to increase the flow of vitality and health.The complex includes several types of techniques, each of which is aimed at the "healing" of a particular zone.

The history of this Chinese philosophy and the procedures created on its basis goes back more than 4 thousand years. Even in ancient times, the Chinese knew that every part of our body is responsible for a certain internal organ, and the stimulation of these zones makes it possible to cure a person from a huge number of diseases.

In each session the Taoists distinguish three important parts:

  • study and stimulation of the external vascular network (head, chest, abdomen, hands, feet) in order to warm up, activate the blood circulation process and saturate the tissues with oxygen;
  • work with points responsible for internal organs;
  • manipulation in the areas of muscles and tendons.

You can conduct such sessions at any age, regardless of gender, but the main indications for such equipment are:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • overweight and cellulite;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • frequent headaches;
  • depression, stress, depression;
  • frequent colds.

After a few procedures, you will feel real changes.Massage effects will help to relax, normalize the work of the nervous system and give strength.

Attention zone - chest

This massage is universal, and is suitable for both men and women. A huge plus is that you can even do it yourself. First you need to warm up the selected area. To do this, make circular movements with your hands in a clockwise direction, they should be 9. The direction of movement is from the shoulders to the center of the chest.

Remember that sudden movements are prohibited, they not only can deliver discomfort, but also contribute to the stretching of the skin. After warming up, place your palms on the chest, so that the nipple is in its center, and make 10 easy taps.

Move to the manipulation of the chest in the area between the ribs. They must be performed with the index finger, making circular pressing movements. Do not be alarmed, if after the session your chest will ache a little, this is a normal reaction. This technique will help maintain skin tone, as well as prevent many diseases, including those of cancer.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Everybody knows this saying, but often a long work at a computer and serious loads can not only tire the eyes, but also lead to a decrease in visual acuity.In ancient times, healers have mastered a special technique, principles and some exercises which have survived to this day.

Depending on the time of year and the temperature in the room, you will need to warm up your hands in cool weather, and cool them if the window is summer. Close the palms of the eyes so that their inner part touches the base of the nose. Fingers should be well closed so that the light does not fall, they should be held so that they do not touch the eyelids. Such a preparatory stage should create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Next, place the elbow of one hand on the table and straighten your index finger so that it is in the center of the eye. Turn your head gently left and right, but do not look away from your finger. This exercise will help you get rid of the habit of fixing your eyes tense, and therefore, significantly reduce the load.

Such simple lessons will be a real salvation for those who want to restore their former vision.

Face rejuvenation

Classes in accordance with the Chinese technology will help to maintain tightened contours, improve skin tone and make its appearance more attractive. And most importantly, you do not need any financial costs.Looks like it's perfect for women. All that is needed is systematic exercise.

The greatest effect can be achieved if you do a massage every day at the same time. It is also worth considering that it is not recommended to hold a session for 1 hour after eating, and after exercise you should not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes. Here are some of the exercises.

  1. Heat your palms with rubbing to activate energy. Gently, superficially, make circular movements on the face (24 times). So you improve the tone of the facial muscles, prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, improve color.
  2. Those who have noticed “crows feet” around the eyes or suffer from loose skin in this area should do simple eye rotations. In this case, the eyelids should be slightly covered, and the palms folded in a “boat” should be positioned so that their center is flush with the pupil. In this position, make circular movements with your eyes in a circle. After finishing, press your hands to your face and do 12 light pressure.
  3. An energy massage helps to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead area, as well as getting rid of headaches and migraines. To do this, place the index and middle finger of both hands on two sides of the nose (on the wings) and with rotational movements lead up to the nose bridge.When you reach the eyebrows, spread your arms. Repeat the same thing, but gradually rising higher along the line of the forehead, right up to the hair.

Guarding male health

Massage is always pleasant, therefore, having mastered simple techniques, you can give your man a pleasant relaxation session. Taoists, like many others, have long known that the largest number of energy points responsible for male power and the state of the body as a whole is on the penis. Therefore, its stimulation has a very beneficial effect on health. In addition, there are several important areas.

  1. The back of the head. Light massage circular movements need to be made from the neck to the collar area and in the opposite direction.
  2. Spine. The action zone starts from the cervical vertebrae and ends at the level of the waist. It is necessary to work out each vertebra carefully, and then walk once more from top to bottom with light pressing movements. This will help to eliminate the existing pain and will allow you to relax.
  3. Hips and buttocks. These parts of the body are simply “stuffed” with active points, the impact of which will help relieve stress.First, do the usual circular motions, and then, putting your palms on both sides, begin to easily "beat" and pinch.

Taoist massage is a unique combination of traditions, important knowledge and secrets of knowledge of the body and soul. Thanks to such techniques, you will not only feel more active, but get rid of many diseases and mental problems.

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