Secrets of cleanliness: working ways to whiten the windowsill

On plastic window sills often there are fairly stable spots that are not so easy to fight. Fortunately, there are several secrets to keep the window snow-white.

Wash, not wipe

Plastic window sills often have a slightly porous structure, so it is not enough to wipe dust off them. It is better to wash them with microfiber cloths to remove all dirt.

Use for cleaning soap

Constantly wash the window sill with this inexpensive means to prevent the formation of stains.

Ammonia for colored stains

This tool can help get rid of traces of a felt-tip pen or a ballpoint pen. If there is no pure chemical, use a window cleaner.

Stubborn dark spots

In case of darkening or yellowing, make a mush of laundry detergent for white things. Apply the paste to the stains and leave for a few hours.In case of severe dirt, apply the product to the entire surface.

Vinegar will save rust

The acid will cope with such complex spots. In addition, you can use for this purpose lemon juice. Remove the most serious contaminants with concentrated vinegar essence.

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