Scarves with jewelry for elegant and charming women

A scarf for a woman is not just protection from the wind, but also an artistic accessory that emphasizes her elegance and natural beauty.

Hairpins for a scarf can be purchased at the Hermes store, for example, as do hundreds of flight attendants. But if you make a little effort and decorate the scarf with your own hands with beads, beadwork, rings and other costume jewelry from old stocks, which will always be found among fashionistas, such a scarf will emphasize the unique individuality of a woman.

To make a necklace scarf, choose a scarf or kerchief from soft, pleasant fabric. It must be easily traversed through the selected rings. For work you may need round pliers to increase the connector of the rings through which the scarf will be pulled. Everything else depends on your taste and imagination. Do not doubt: the result of your efforts will certainly be a beautiful and unique accessory!

A few small tricks that may be useful to you. While passing the delicate fabric of the scarf through the ring, use wax paper to avoid damaging the textile.

If you know how to work with beads or are a happy owner of beaded jewelry, create an elegant and beautiful accessory by combining a beaded brooch with an elegant pattern and a scarf of bright monophonic matter.

One of the craftswomen shared her experience in the manufacture of textile jewelry.

Bonus video with a small master class: how to make and wear textile jewelry.

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