Sandalwood oil: methods of use

What is sandalwood oil for?

Sandalwood oil is obtained from valuable sandalwood wood, it grows throughout India and on some islands of the Indian Ocean. This oil is a viscous beige or pale yellow viscous liquid. The smell of essential oils of sandalwood can not be confused with anything.
One of the areas of its application is face care. Sandalwood oil has a lot of beneficial properties and a wide spectrum of action. Most often, sandalwood oil is recommended to be used to improve the condition of inflamed or problem skin, especially it is effective for combating acne. The antiseptic, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of sandalwood oil make it possible in a short time to remove the foci of inflammation. Regular use of this oil eliminates acne and various suppurations, especially with boils.
Sandalwood oil is great for oily skin, it normalizes the sebaceous glands, reduces sebum production, brightens and refreshes the skin, narrowing enlarged pores.

Sandalwood oil against age

Sandalwood oil is a wonderful anti-aging remedy. It is recommended for regular use for aging skin of the face, which has signs of sagging, fatigue and lethargy. The fact is that sandalwood essential oil contributes to tightening the contour of the face, visibly tones and revitalizes the skin, giving the face freshness, and it evens out tone. Sandalwood oil quite effectively smoothes shallow wrinkles, especially successfully acting on the corners of the eyes.
Not to mention the moisturizing properties of the essential oil of sandalwood. It should be used if the skin of the face is dehydrated or flaky. This remedy soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
It is believed that sandalwood oil can well alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases such as dry eczema, eczematous and allergic dermatitis, any violations of the integrity of the skin.
The use of sandalwood oil is very wide. It can improve not only the condition of your face, but also your hair. This oil helps to get rid of problems with dandruff, slow serious hair loss, significantly accelerate the growth of hair.
To combat acne and acne, undiluted sandalwood oil should be applied only to the lesions, without touching the skin around them. This should be done several times a day. The same applies to dealing with bruises, cuts and scars.

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